People were more social, there were no Internet bullies or cyber-crimes, and there were fewer sex tapes and no Instagram butt models. Those were the days when kids didn’t spend every waking moment looking at their cell phones. And parties were not all about taking selfies.

Family Watching TV
We Went Outside – Back in the day, we used to go outside and play. There was sunshine, bugs, rain and other people. We fell down from our tree houses and from our bikes. And we also got out of the house to run errands. Nowadays it’s not so easy.

playing outside

We used to make time for all the special people in our lives. If you wanted to talk with someone, you had to plan a date and meet up. We made friends by meeting and interacting in person.

This is not to say that disagreements never escalated. If you had something to say to someone, you had to say it to their face and say it like a real person. We had plenty of “beef” but it only went so far. What we see on the Internet today is on a completely new level.


Before the Internet, you had to look up someone’s number in the phone book. You then had to memorize it or stick it in one of those complicated speed dial slots.

Now, nearly everyone is a blogger. Why should you subscribe to a magazine when you can read all the juicy stories online…for free?

Phone book
Back then, we used to gather around the TV and watch family shows or even the 9 o’clock news. There wasn’t much to do anyway, especially if it was during the school holidays and it was raining outside.

Ah, the days of snail mail. Those were the days when you’d have letters and packages delivered to your mail box or you’d have to go to the post office to pick up your letters. Everything came through the mail including bank statements. You had to buy stamps, envelopes and writing paper. Oh, and do you remember how you had to lick the stamps to get them to stick on the envelope?

If you wanted to write your term paper or complete a school assignment, you had to go to the library and read an actual book. The encyclopedia was the “Google” of the old days. And if you wanted to read a novel or something, you had to buy it from the bookstore or rent it from the library.


Before YouTube and iTunes, we had to request songs on the radio and wait for them to come on. Sometimes the radio station had so many requests that your song ended up not being played. We used to play our own sings on our walkman.