5 New features in iPhone 6s you need to know


The iPhone 6S has been unveiled and it feels that Apple is not even interested in trying new things anymore. The whole package remains the same when it comes to design, screen size, annoyingly bulging rear camera and user interface other than a few upgrades and new features here and there. Here’s everything ‘new’ that the iPhone 6S packs in.

1) 12MP Rear Camera And 5MP Selfie Camera With Flash

This is the first time since iPhone 4S in 2011, that Apple has bumped up iPhone’s camera. While most of the camera mechanisms remain the same, Apple claims that the autofocus has vastly improved. Also introduced is a 5MP front camera with flash.

2) Pressure Sensitive 3D Touch Display

Probably the biggest new feature on the phone, the 3D touch enables you to pull up new menus and activate shortcuts in apps. There are two new ways to interact with the phone, thanks to the 3D touch- Peek and pop. Peek lets you press on app icons and other buttons to pull up shortcuts directly into custom features. For example- Peek on the camera feature and land up taking a selfie, Peek into Facebook and you can directly update your status.  Pop allows you to pull up overlays of photos and videos without actually having them take over the screen.

3) 64-bit processor Apple’s A9 Processor

An upgrade from the 64-bit A8 on the iPhone 6, Apple claims that it’s going to be 70 percent faster at CPU tasks and 90 faster at GPU tasks.

4) Faster Wi-Fi and LTE

While people still face signal drop problems with iPhone 6’s Wi-Fi connectivity, Apple robustly claims that iPhone 6S’s Wi-Fi will be the fastest ever. Also, the LTE connectivity will be way much faster.

5) The New Color Is Rose Gold, Not Pink!

For those who presumed that it’s a pink iPhone, the color is actually rose gold. However, in the right amount of light, it does look pink.

Well folks, that’s all as far as the new features are concerned in iPhone 6 and, of course, the features do replicate in the iPhone 6S with only a bigger screen. The storage specs remain the same as on the previous iPhone i.e. 128GB max. Pre orders start on 12th this month while the shipping begins on the 25th.