10 Weapons deadlier than an angry wife.


There are more dangerous things than an angry woman, believe it or not. Beyond guns, you’d be surprised to learn which weapons can do the most damage. Perhaps it’s our obsession with Forensic Files or just being a curious bunch, but we decided to put together a list for all of you who are interested to learn about some of these instruments of destruction.

1. F-22 Raptor (Fighter Jet)

A Lockheed Martin/Boeing F-22 Raptor pilot lines up his aircraft to be refueled on March 31, 2011.

The Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor is a twin-engine, fifth-generation supersonic fighter aircraft. Capabilities: ground attack, electronic warfare, transporting, and more. The F-22 has previously had issues, such as oxygen problems for the pilots and high production costs. However, it’s currently the Air Force’s top fighter jet. It will soon have revolutionary software capable of using long-range radar mapping to find targets and direct small bombs to enemies.

2. Taranis

taranis_britain_super_droneIt only costs around $336 million and hasn’t even made its debut on the field yet. It’s designed to go at record speeds and fly undetected by radar.

2. Lockheed AC-130 Spectre Gunship

An air-to-air front view of an AC-130A Hercules gunship aircraft. The aircraft is from the 919th Special Operations Group (AFRESO), Eglin Air Force Base Auxiliary Field) 3 (Duke Field) Florida. Airman Magazine, December 1984.The sole user of this powerful weapon is the United States Air Force, specifically used in air support roles: supporting troops, transporting, escorting convoys, etc. The Spectre has helped in many wars and  life-saving close air support missions. These aircrafts are heavily armed with sophisticated navigation, sensors, and fire control systems to provide firepower during bad weather conditions or loiter periods. It can also attack two targets at the same time.

3. Napalm Bomb

a10napalmNapalm is explosive material made with Petroleum jelly. The bomb can produce a temperature of around 1200 degrees Celsius.  It was developed to be used in wars, such as the Vietnam War as incendiary bombs. Later, Magnesium was added to ensure that greater harm would be made on the enemy by making the burns worse when water is added. Then, lead was added to make the bombs poisonous. You definitely don’t want to be around when one of these drops.

4. Flamethrower

m2-flamethrower_2As you probably know, a flamethrower is an incendiary device that projects a long stream of fire. They were first used during World War I and then in other wars, often considered one of the most horrific ways to die. They were developed as a shock weapon and to penetrate the trench defensive. In terms of negatives: The range isn’t far when using one of these and it’s extremely dangerous to carry as you have flammable liquid on your back (not smart).

5. Lightweight Machine Gun

M249There are different kinds of machine guns, so we’ll focus on the smaller ones such as the above M249. It’s one of the safest to use, lightweight machine guns you can buy. It’s belt-fed, air-cooled and performs at a fast speed. Recently, in a United States desert test, one of these successfully fired a total of 104,000 rounds using a single barrel. That’s impressive.

6. Assault Rifle (F2000)

assault rifleThe F2000 assault rifle is ranked one of the most dangerous guns in the world. It’s fully automatic and was first displayed in 2001 at Abu Dhabi. You better watch out because it can make 850 rounds a minute and has an effective range of 500m. Oh, and did I mention that it has a lightweight 40mm grenade launcher that uses low velocity grenades. Pretty cool, right?

7. DSR-50 Sniper Rifle

dsr 50The DSR-50 is one of many kinds of sniper rifles. It fires the very powerful .50 caliber round with free-floating barrel technology and great accuracy. It’s lightweight and short in length with an adjustable butt sock and cheek piece. They do not recoil or jump when fired, one of the many reasons why one of these can cost up to $25,000.

9. AK-47

Rifle_AK-47The AK-47 assault rifle came about during World War II where the Nazi army was the first to field them in great quantity. It was desirable because it was cheap to make, requires little to no training, and could be used in terrible weather conditions. Currently, it has become the world’s most effective combat weapon and killing machine in history according to many people and experts.

10. Advanced Heavy Machine Gun

advnce heavy mc gunThis is the kind of machine gun (XM307 ACSW) that gets a lot of damage done. It has the ability to be mounted on a vehicle and has two usable guns. It can obliterate helicopters, vehicles, water crafts and people (of course). The machine gun is also able to fire at a constant rate of 260 rounds in a minute. In other words–watch out.