Are you having A Bad Day? Think Again.


1. Of All The Places A Roller Coaster Could Break Down

disaster-1Wonder if they had a memorable snapshot at the end of this roller coaster ride.

2. Be careful Where You Park

disaster-2You may think it’s a good idea to park under a tree for shade there are often consequences of such a paring place.

3. Imagine Waking Up To This!

disaster-3Maybe they should have used bigger screws.

4. That’s Not How You Play Volley Ball

disaster-4Or maybe she mistook his head for the ball.

5. What Kind Of Wrestling Move Is That?

disaster-56. Two Milkshakes To Go – Everywhere!

disaster-6The person taking the photo never thought of opening the door for her.

7. Run For You Lives

disaster-7Guess this camera crew got a little too close to the action.

8. A Young Picasso

disaster-8Not a good idea to leave a toddler alone with paints.

9. How Could She Not See The Signs??

disaster-9At least her coat is red too. Maybe it won’t be noticeable.

10. The Ultimate Adventure Safari

disaster-10Is that guy trying to take a selfie??

11. Maybe They Should have had The Paint Delivered Instead.

disaster-11Gonna be one hell of a clean up job.

12. Just When You Think Life is Going Great!!