Top Long-lasting perfumes for Men: Is Yours On The List??


The allure, the charm and the style that make us stand out from the crowd come in the accessories we use. A Man’s Perfume is a signature statement of who he is and his values. There are various criteria to grade Men’s Perfumes such as Cost, Brand, etc. We would focus on listing the Top 10 Long lasting perfume for men. Please enjoy the read.


10. Voyage Cologne by Nautica

10This freshly scented aquatic masterpiece cuts that cool fresh look for every man. It is a unique blend of panache, poise and elegance despite its price. It gives a long-lasting scent that keeps you feeling the vibes all day long. Nautica have stepped up their game with this product; it definitely earned its place in the top 10 list.


9. Long Lasting Perfume for Men by Issey Miyake

9Manly notes such as Woods, Amber and Musk are combined with Spice and citrus to give this unique fragrance. Due to its appeal, it is great for Dinner events, Evening walk-outs and it remains a prestigious fragrance for every man. It is a good buy to add to your collection. Its scent stays on and on.


8. The One Eau de Toilette by Dolce & Gabbana

8Bearing a trademark name is a tall order for any product but this product is really tops in its range. It remains a top selling perfume. It has lighter spice scents combined with floral notes. It is soft in its pitch and yet strong enough to keep you covered all day. It is a hallmark fragrance that has stood the test of time.


7. Montblanc Legend Cologne

7This fragrance oozes Charisma and confidence. It has a mix of that soft appeal for a feminine fragrance and yet masterfully blends into a Manly Fashion Accessory. It is head and shoulders above so many fragrances and its long lasting power makes it simply a classy product.


6. Gucci Guilty for Men

6This is the Best Mens Cologne by Gucci Guilty. Leaving a positive impression with a long lasting perfume for men is all you get with this fragrance. It combines various notes and stakes its place as a leading Men’s fragrance. It is ideal for Events, Home, Office and anywhere you want to make a bold statement.


5. Eternity Long Lasting Perfume by Calvin Klein

5Most men would not pass up a perfume that is strong and Masculine in all ramification. This perfume is perfect for your Daytime activities and it comes with a signature fragrance you cannot resist. One of the things that Calvin Klein has helped every savvy Man to achieve is the ability to impact your world in blazing fashion.


4. ‘Acqua’ Di Gio by Giorgio Armani

acqaSea Water Scent and sweet notes are part of the ingredients that make this product a must-have for every Man. It has stood the test of time and keeps waxing strong as the days go by. Beyond the Brand, which is now a Household name in Men’s fashion, this perfume is great for a long lasting fragrance.


3. Contradiction Long Lasting Perfume for Men by Calvin Klein

3A little more review would be done here in order to give credence to its Top 3 finish. It keeps soaring to higher heights despite new fragrances that have come into the Market. The combination of sage, lime, nutmeg, sandalwood and other endearing spices has made this bespoke. It also has a trendy packaging that makes it ideal whether you choose to give it as a gift or for personal use. This fragrance cannot be lost in the crowd. It carries its strength all through the day and does not wane in the face of different elements. It is rugged, strong and dependable.


2. 1 Million Eau de Toilet by Paco Rabanne

Mens-Cologne_1-Million-Intense-by-Paco-RabanneThe Container looks like a Gold Bar but this is no fluke. It has etched its name in Gold. It remains one of the products that has broken the ranks and put other brand names right behind. It keep its fragrance oozing and lingering even without your physical presence. This fragrance is an exquisite signature for every man of sophistication; it takes sheer ingenuity to top this one. Interestingly, despite its very high rating, it still sells at a reasonable price. There are certain events that you must not attend except you wear the 1 Million Eau de Toilet. It is simply iconic.

1. Eau de Lacoste L12.12 Blanc Men Cologne by Lacoste

1The branded bottle speaks for itself. Amongst all the long lasting perfume for men, this is the zenith. It has a unique blend of Tuberose, Rosemary, Cedar Leaf, Grape Fruit and so many other notes. It connects with your soul and resonates with your persona wherever you go. It is the top of all the best long lasting perfumes in the Market. It is a worthy investment for every man to make and it is worth every penny. The high standards set by this product would take a lot of grits and gumption before it can be surpassed. It has made its mark and it definitely does not look like it would leave the top spot for some time.