If your pets could talk : Amazing secrets revealed


Got pet at home? sometimes get confused as what he wants from you, worry not here are few secrets straight from your pet.


Hold those clippers!

clippersNo matter how high the mercury climbs or how long my hair is, I don’t need to be shaved. My undercoat actually insulates me from heat, so it helps me stay cool. Just make sure you keep my coat brushed and mat-free to promote good air circulation.


While some of us gulp down grass only if we have eaten something that doesn’t agree with us and we are trying to regurgitate it.

grass…others of us just love to munch the lawn. So let me graze just make sure the grass I am eating is free of pesticides.


If I am not used to strangers and you reach out toward me when you first meet me…

strangers…your hand may as well be a meat cleaver. Instead, crouch down on one leg and look slightly away. Then let me approach you and give you a sniff.


You think my tail wagging is always an invitation for you to pet me more. Wrong!

why-do-dogs-wag-their-tails-fb-168786769Italian researchers found that dogs wag their tails slightly to the right when they see something they like and to the left when they are confronted with something they want to back away from.


Grooming day means you bring out the big blow-dryer. Don’t!

ashameddog2.ashx_To make dogs like me look fluffy, shake a little cornstarch into the base of the fur and then brush. It will absorb oil and grease and de-tangle matted fur.


Please don’t rush me when I am going to the bathroom.

Portrait of Lovely Dogue De Bordeaux PuppyThere’s a reason dogs circle around before getting down to business: We have an instinct to be aligned with the earth’s magnetic field before we poop. In fact, researchers watched 70 of us engage in 1,893 defections over a two-year period just to figure this out.


You may think it is nice to let me sleep all day, but too much nap time can affect my personality.

furnitureA lot of behavioral problems can be solved by just taking your dog on a daily walk or by playing with your cat for 20 minutes every day.


If you are getting me spayed…

dog spayed…ask your vet if she can remove just my ovaries, not my uterus. A much less invasive procedure, it is the way cats and dogs are spayed in Europe, and many U.S. veterinarians have already made the switch.


Because I am a creature of habit, even a subtle change in my behavior is a red flag that I might be sick.

not eatingSo if it takes me an hour to eat my food instead of 60 seconds as usual, if I am tiring out faster when we play, if there are more urine clumps in the litter box than usual, or if I seem to be drinking more water, call the vet right away.


If you let me on the furniture now, while I am young and cute…

no_dog_on_sofa._…I will always think it is OK, no matter how big I get.


Want me to learn to walk by your side on a leash?

Disobedient dog running and dragging a man by the leash

Well, give me some incentive. As soon as I start to pull ahead, stop walking. When I turn and look back, offer me a treat right next to your leg. I will quickly figure out I need to stay next to you in order to keep doing what I love most: moving and exploring.



When I bark, jump, and grab the towel off the counter top…

grabbing towel
…I am not trying to be bad. I am just bored! I want your attention! Please, get off your smartphone and play with me.

Remember, my digestive system is very different from yours.

dog_chocolateRaisins and grapes can shut down a dog’s kidneys. Other dangerous foods include chocolate, coffee, macadamia nuts, and avocado.


Want my coat to be thick and shiny?

stylish-dog-collarsMake sure my diet has plenty of essential fatty acids. Most high-quality commercial pet foods have enough, but pets on low-quality foods or homemade diets that aren’t balanced may develop a dull coat.


If you switch me to a raw diet, I may end up with cracked teeth or a bacterial infection.

st-block-12-1424229633172-rawAlso, exposure to my feces could put anyone with a weakened immune system at risk. That is why the ASPCA, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and other institutions all strongly discourage raw diets.