Dirty Office Politics – Weird Office Personalities




  • The Passive Aggressor


The Passive Aggressor – Identified by those who leave covert notes like, “The coffee maker doesn’t clean itself.”



  • The Backstabber


The Backstabber – Lives for the opportunity to one-up his or her competition with juicy details.



  • The Kitchen Slob


The Kitchen Slob – This person may remind you of your first college dorm mate, or maybe your four-year-old. Either way, don’t expect The Kitchen Slob to pick up after themselves.



  • The Chatterbox


The Chatterbox – Pretty self-explanatory. In fact, they are overly self-explanatory. These types can be seen leaning into cubicles and engaging occupants in overly elaborate and nonsensical conversation.


  • The Delegator


The Delegator – It’s always someone else’s desk that sees their workload. After all, good managers need to delegate, right?



  • The Workaholic


The Workaholic – These types would set up a cot under their desks if they could. Sleep is for wimps, and there are never enough hours in the day for these go-getters.



  • The Noisemaker


The Noisemaker – Knuckle crackers, constant hummers, show tune-singers – you get the point. These types think that the entire office wants to hear their one-man show.



  • The Meeting Scheduler


The Meeting Scheduler – Most CEOs agree that the majority of meetings are wasted time. Not for the Meeting Scheduler,though! They’ll put a meeting on the calendar at a moment’s notice.



  • The Gossiper


The Gossiper – Oh, you haven’t heard what happened last weekend? The Gossiper will tell you, whether you want to know or not!



  • The Overly Ambitious Summer Intern


The Overly Ambitious Summer Intern – Young, energetic and full of ideas – The Overly Ambitious Summer Intern is ready to pop up wherever he or she is needed. Until Labor Day, that is.



  • The Debbie Downer


The Debbie Downer – Reading this information will probably give you eye strain anyway. The Debbie Downer can tell you what is wrong with any situation.



  • The Email Overloader


The Email Overloader – Actual human communication is overrated. Click ‘forward’ to anything that might be remotely informational.



  • The TMI Sharer


The TMI Sharer – These personality types can be just plain uncomfortable to be around. Really, do we need to know everything?