Kids Heart Melting Drawings: “How Love Works”


Her are a few drawing made by cute innocent kid whose parents are breaking up. he dose not understand what is going on but has drawn how he see things around him. His dad living in another house, his mom cry baby because dad is away, enjoying car drives and having sleep overs with his dad.

How love works.1Sometimes mommys and daddys can live in other houses and still love each other.




My mommy loves my dad so much she cries caus she misses him! What a baby




Daddy is more fun, hes not a baby. he drives a cool car and we have sleepovers on weekends. Fun!


Sometimes dad has his friend over. Thats when I have fun because they go in his room and I can do whatever I want. I can even eat candy!5



Mommy is mean and doesn’t like daddy’s friend. I think you should always be nice to new friends. Mom says her name is Bich6



That is how love works.7