Jobs Women Will Never Be Able to Do Better Than Men


Women are not less than men; they are contributing in all fields of life. Now you can see women working in offices like men. Women are now working as business persons. Women are also working in banks and companies. This world is man dominating society but still women are contributing their role. Women are more hardworking than men because they work in offices and at the same time they look after their kids and houses. We know that no one is perfect that’s why we can do some jobs better than others and sometimes an opposite case happens. This article is about the jobs that women cannot do better than men. These jobs are considered as men’s jobs and they can excel in these jobs. There are also some jobs that are best for women and men cannot do better than women. Jobs like teaching and modelling etc are perfect for women. That is also gender biases but it is a fact that women are not suitable for some jobs like driving, army and police jobs, etc.  These limitations are just because of mental models of our society that we don’t expect such jobs from women otherwise women can also do these jobs as men. This article will tell you the jobs that are not suitable for women because these jobs require men social skills.

8. Chef

female-chefWomen dominate the kitchens at homes and it is women duty to cook and serve food still the world‘s best chef are men. To be a professional chef is a man’s job.  According to the FOX News world, top ten highly paid chefs are men. So, if you think that girls remain busy in kitchens for making foods and it will make them best chefs, then you are wrong. Now men are also busy in making different foods and they are doing it greatly. In different top restaurants, mostly men chefs are hired.

7. Fire Fighters

fire-fightersFirefighting field is related to the crisis management and women are not good at handling crisis. Fire Fighters need to be good in muscles as well a as in brain. Firefighters must have good muscles to cope with the-the sudden fires. So, men are considered best in firefighting jobs. Women are known as a weaker sex so firefighting is not their job. Women are also not good for giving response to fire emergencies. So women should accept this fact that to be a fight fighter they need to have a brain and muscles like men that they cannot develop in themselves.

6. Plastic Surgeons

plastic-surgeonMost of the world famous plastic surgeons are the males.  Mostly females go for plastic surgery and they prefer a male surgeon. Male surgeons are also considered good in handling emergency situations during surgery. Plastic surgery is not an easy task it requires a lot of brain during surgery. It doesn’t mean females lack a brain but they lack those capabilities that make a plastic surgeon famous one. Although females are working good in the medical field plastic surgery profession is best for men.

5. Pro Sports Coach

Pro Sports CoachThere are many sports women in the world. Many of the sportswomen are very famous in the world like Maria Shrapore, Serena Williams, etc. but these all famous female sports persons are under the coaching of male coaches. Females can become good sports persons but they cannot become good sports coaches. To be a coaching strategy and knowledge of the coach does matter.  It is the reason that all famous teams and clubs of the world have male coaches. Even women sports teams like football and cricket teams also work with the male coaches.

4. Electrician or Mechanic

ElectricianIt is common observation that whenever you need an electrician or mechanic you come across to a male person. These days some companies are using females as their electricians and mechanics but according to males these girls are only used as a symbol of attraction. These girls don’t possess the real capabilities of male electricians. There are rare chances in the real world to find a female electrician or mechanic. Females also don’t show interest in such male-dominated jobs.  So, electrician or mechanic is the men’s job and they are dominating this industry.

3. Police

UK-PolicePolice and other armed forces require the most intelligent and physically fit people of the society.  Now, females are also joining the police and other forces but still they are far behind the males. Men are best for police jobs because they have strong muscles and intelligent brains. Now girls are also showing interest in joining police and other armed forces but they should accept the-the reality that they are not as strong as men for these jobs.

2. Construction Workers

construction-workers-1Again, to be a construction worker strong muscles as well as strong stamina is also required. These qualities are only in men. Females cannot be the construction workers. Construction workers have to work in severe conditions like sunlight etc.  Men can only bear these hard situations but female really unable to work in such hard conditions. God has made women as a delicate sex she cannot work under stress and hard conditions. Construction workers have to go through all types of conditions while working they have to climb on high buildings etc. Women are naturally coward than men.

1. Bus Drivers

bus-driversFemales are not good drivers. Females even cannot drive cars better than men.  Driving is a risky task and it needs the 100% attention of the driver. Females are less risk takers. They are proved to be failed in handling accidental conditions. Females cannot become good bus drivers because it’s a very risky and tricky job. Males are best for this job. These days’ girls are driving taxis but still they are unable to be good bus drivers.

Most of these jobs require the strong muscles of men so females are by nature unable to do these jobs. It doesn’t mean men are better than females there are many jobs that women can do better than men. Men cannot do babysitting and they cannot run a home like women. Women have dominated the whole media industry and earning more than men.