Powerful images of society today.


1) Will the human race survive or the planet earth will survive?
hard-hitting-facts-12) Soon we will be brain washed.
hard-hitting-facts-23) We are loosing our ability to break free.
hard-hitting-facts-34) Another brick in the wall.
hard-hitting-facts-45) Slaves to Smartphones
hard-hitting-facts-56) A walk to our death
hard-hitting-facts-67) The haves, and have nots.
hard-hitting-facts-78) Person cant be good unless Facebook, Twitter, of Instagram knows you’re good.
hard-hitting-facts-89) The sick of world beg for treatment.
hard-hitting-facts-910) Where are the so called Poor?
hard-hitting-facts-1011) Don’t follow the herd
hard-hitting-facts-1112) If they cannot even breathe it, then why would you eat it?