The art of body painting.


Body Painting is a form of art, which is completely different from permanent tattoos or henna (Mehndi). Body painting is a temporary paint applied on human body, which could last for a couple of hours or a couple of days. Body painting can be referred to as “Face Painting” if only the face is covered in paint, “Hand Painting” if only the hand or the fingers are covered in paint, “Body Painting” if full-body is covered in painting.

Body painting is not a recent evolution, it is an ancient form of practice. In earlier part of the history, human race used to apply “Clay” and “natural pigments”. It was often worn during ceremonies. People of South America traditionally use annatto, huito, or wet charcoal to decorate their faces and bodies. Huito is semi-permanent, and it generally takes weeks for this black dye to fade. People of Middle East and few Asian countries like India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, apply semi-permanent body paint called as Henna or Mehndi on their palms.

As the body painting art spreads across the globe, we have seen, body painting festivals happen annually across the world. If you speak with a professional, they will categories Body painting art in the below mention categories.

A) Fine Art – Free form of art on your body.
B) Baby Bumps – Applying art on pregnant women’s stomach.
C) Camouflage – Camouflaging a single individual or multiple people.
D) Graffiti – Disguising people in form of Graffiti
E) Animals / Nature – Most popular form of Body Art
F) Fantasy – Draw abstract art on Body
G) UV & Backlight – Latest trend in Body painting, where ultra-violets lights are used to enhance the body art.

Let us give you a brief glimpse of what the body painting art is all about.
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