Are your Bored? Pack Your Bags For These Adventure Holidays.


Bored with your 9-5 job, Bored with your neighbor asking for your help everyday, Bored with your annoying girlfriend/boyfriend, Bored with your lousy life, pack your bags to one of these adventurous holidays and enjoy your guts out. Mind it, you need courage to try these fun filled adventures.

Petting and playing with a Great White Shark

You need guts and GPS tracker to be petting and playing with these dangerous White Shark. You must have heard of people feeding them, but petting??

Having A Meal Above The World

Adventure-Holidays-2Do you have a good appetite? Cos, you need to digest your meal while being dangled so high from this restaurant.

Bungee Jumping

You just need to spread your hands, shout and take the leap forward

Tight Rope Walking

Mantra is to not look down and focus on crossing the rift.

Extreme Destination Dating

You have been to bars, cafes, pubs. Its all awful. So something adventurous and it will be a memorable event.

Deep Cave Exploring

Go to a place, where nobody has dreamt of.

Tree Climbing

Pick a long tree, start climbing and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Ice Cave Exploring

You need cold fun, chill with the ice cave adventure.

Waterfall Kayaking

My personal favorite. Just sit tight and flow with the waters.

Frozen Waterfall Climbing

Just hope that it does not melt by the time you reach the top.

Cliff Camping

Get away from your lousy life and relax on a cliff, with no one except the smoot breeze to freshen you up.

Cycle Trek On A Cliff

You need guts, balance, energy, stamina to fulfill this adventure.