Every Woman Should know these FASHION HACKS!!

No Matter how careful we are with our favorite clothing, accessories,boots & wardrobe  but wear and tear cant be sidelined whether it’s your new vintage dress with an unfortunate odor or a stain on your favorite suede shoes, sooner or later we’re all bound to encounter #FashionGirlProblems.Well, here is a list of some hacks that you can use to tackle such situations and save yourself from embarrassment.

Tuck And Fold Your Jeans

37a43bfc56ca63f0243c4812a9b3ef2aWearing jeans with boots are so fab, but oh, so tricky. Skinny jeans are perfect for those cold days when you just want to rock boots, but what if you don’t have any skinny jeans? Or maybe you do have a pair but you feel like wearing your boot cut jeans instead with your boots.

A simple fold and tuck will do! I’ve used this method so many times already, but I also use a rubber band to make sure the fold is secure (since I simply cannot trust my socks to stay put.) Nobody believed me when I first suggested this. They only believed me when I told them it came from the Internet. This trick works amazingly and saves you from a fashion disaster (like your jeans bunching up).



No More Open Flies

IMG_8166Walking around with your fly open is the worst. Prevent your fly from opening by attaching a key ring to your zipper, and then hook it up to the button of your jeans. See, now your old key chains finally have a purpose!

Can’t find a key ring? You can try a thick rubber band instead, but there’s a chance that it might snap. Some people even use big safety pins, especially if they’re one of those people who can’t pry a key ring open (to attach to their zipper.) No more embarrassing moments fumbling to keep your fly hidden and praying that nobody saw.

This trick isn’t only useful if your zipper won’t stay put, it also works to make a stubborn zipper go up when you’re trying to put on your jeans.



Runaway Buttons

600-nail-polish-on-buttonRunaway-ButtonsI’ve convinced myself that there are gnomes who come at night and loosen all the buttons on my clothes. If you check my room, there’s a pile of clothes with random buttons missing and a small canister full of runaway buttons. Those damn gnomes! It also doesn’t help that some clothes have buttons that fall off so easily.

Luckily, clear nail polish has helped me with keeping my buttons intact (well, for newly bought clothes at least). I just simply swipe clear nail polish on the buttons, I let it dry– then voila! They’re sturdy, and it takes a lot of wear and tear before the buttons decide to jump ship and abandon me for the space under my bed. This is extremely helpful for people like me who can’t sew to save their life—and let’s face it, finding a thread that matches exactly always proves to be a difficult task.



Them Boots

Pool-Noodle-Boot-TreesI used to have a large collection of boots, but ever since I got two dogs, that all changed. Every time they see a pair laying flat, they think it’s their mission to destroy them and make me tear up. I bought some pool noodles for my surviving pairs. I simply cut them up and inserted them inside my boots. This hack makes boots retain their shape, and deters my dogs as an added bonus.

Can’t find pool noodles? You can use empty toilet paper rolls and glue them together until they’re the same height as your boots. That way, you’re not just saving your shoes; you’re also saving the environment by recycling! You can practically use anything lying around—empty boxes of aluminum foil/baking sheets/saran wrap, wrapping paper tubes, or even thin PVC pipes.

Now, I just need to train my dogs to stop chewing on my other stuff…




Slip-Free Hangers

Pipe-cleaner-hangers_thumbNot all hangers are made the same. Some are sturdy, some are flimsy and can’t do their jobs well. I recently bought some new hangers on sale and realized that they’re totally incapable of keeping my clothes hung on them.

This photo inspired me to make those hangers slip-free. I got those rubber sleeves for pencils and cut them lengthwise. I then attached them to the hangers by hot gluing the ends together. If you don’t have any rubber sleeves lying around, you can see if your local craft store has some of that moldable clay that dries into rubber. Or if you have a kid that’s obsessed with making loom bands, you can create your own rubber pencil sleeves with their kit and use it for your hangers.

So, those hangers turned out to be a real bargain after all, and it gave me some new crafting insight!



Hair Irons For Collars + Cuffs + Sleeves + Your Hair (Of Course)

enhanced-26776-1420913087-6Shirt collars, cuffs, and sleeves are quite tricky to handle during ironing. I’m not a big fan of ironing and always thank the inventors of innovative fabric softeners for not letting wrinkles attack my clothes, but collars, cuffs and sleeves are stiff little buggers. I’ve even tried using starch to stiffen them up, but they still ended up horribly wrinkled—and a bit crunchy, if I may add.

Then, someone from the Internet realized that collars, cuffs, and sleeves are no match for hair irons. I’ve been using my hair iron on last minute outfits (that may or may not have been freshly washed) ever since. The back of your shirt will almost always end up with wrinkles during your commute, but your cuffs and sleeves should still stay on point. Just make sure that your hair iron isn’t too hot, especially if you’re going to use it on flimsy fabrics. Nobody wants their shirts to get burnt to a crisp.



The Scarf Organizer

scarf-organizerTis the season for thick coats and scarves once again, so our closets are fuller than usual. I immediately get horrified whenever I find my scarves tangled up on my closet floor. They’re not exactly my best friends when they decide to pull off that stunt.

Another genius hack that I found on the Internet involved shower rings and a single hanger. Simply attach your shower rings onto a hanger, and then hang your scarves on the shower rings. No more mess on your closet floor, and you’ve kept your scarves organized. It also saves space for more thick winter coats. So, more reason for you to have more winter clothes!

If you don’t like this method, you can always go to a shop that sells scarves and ask if they happen to have a surplus of scarf hangers—they might just give you some extras for free.




Moisture Absorber In Your Shirt

Moisture-Absorber-In-Your-ShirtSweat is one of the things that our bodies release during the more inopportune of moments. And our shirts? They’re traitors. But the internet is now smarter than them. There’s a way to sweat-proof your shirts. You ready?

Panty liners.

Cut one in half, attach it to the inside of your shirt— and you got yourself a moisture absorber for the next 24 hours or so! This is easy for ladies, but for men? If you’re a dude who’s bold enough to purchase a pack of panty liners, then kudos to you. However, you can look into buying sweat pads instead. They’re clothes that have been pre-soaked in an anti-perspirant solution. It sticks directly on to your armpits and prevents your sweat from seeping through your clothes. Can’t find sweat pads? You can opt for shirts made out of a fabric that isn’t absorbent—usually those that are made of synthetic material.



Vaseline Is The Answer

vaseline-fix-zipperStuck zipper on your favorite jacket? Ain’t nobody got time for that! Just grab a handy dandy tub of petroleum jelly, and swab some of it on your zipper. Easy, right? It always pays to have a tiny tub of Vaseline everywhere, because it’s like the solution to all your problems. Cracked heels? Chapped lips? And now– zippers that just won’t budge.

Use it sparingly, though. I once covered my entire zipper in Vaseline. By the end of the day, a lot of weird stuff got clung on to it. I think there was a coin at one point. There’s a workaround for this—and it’s to make sure you wipe off any excess petroleum jelly before you get out of the house. Any excess and you’re just waiting for random stuff to stick to your zipper and we all know that that’s not a good look on anyone.



Bye, Bye Straps!

BraStrapHolder_2Normally, I wouldn’t mind having bra straps that are peeking out if I’m just running a few errands around the neighborhood. However, there’s always a time and place for my bra straps to say hello to someone. As ladies, we all have that one favorite bra that we can’t just throw away, even if the straps are becoming tpp loose. We insist on wearing it during those special nights because that bra tends to make our chests look better. Let’s face it; strapless bras can betray you by suddenly cooperating with gravity or by turning around by themselves.

The solution for those loose straps? Attach a tiny button clasp to a small piece of cloth, and sew it inside the straps of your clothes (in order to keep your bra straps in place). Trust me, it’s worth the effort and saves you from constantly pulling your straps back up.