Heavily Drunk Celebrities


“A man’s true character comes out when he’s drunk.”



#13 – Paris Hilton

paris-hilton-drunk“That’s so hot!” At one time, believe it or not, trust fund babies were fairly anonymous, making it difficult for the world to pry into every detail of their lives. But, then again, this was long before internet and reality television, which just so happened to launch Paris Hilton into stardom as one of the first famous heiresses coming from a long line of Hilton Hotel chain greats.

Until 2010, Hilton was doing an excellent job (or terrible, by her current standards) of staying out of headlines and the limelight until, of course, the anonymous trust fund baby discovered that the cameras loved her. While attending the launch of a new beer called Devassa Bem Loura in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, Hilton enjoyed a little too much of the free brew, which was far more potent than the light lagers here in the United States. Tipsy and light headed, the Hilton heiress made her camera debut by falling face first to the floor wearing a form-fitting purple dress in front of a stunned audience. That’s not so hot after all, is it Paris?



#12 – Avril Lavigne

avrillavigne“Why do you have to go and make things so complicated?” As the new millennium welcomed a new style of pop music, Avril Lavigne and her punk rock style quickly launched to the top of mainstream charts. As one of the first to make it big, Lavigne’s Let It Go album from 2002 featured songs like “Complicated” and “Sk8r Boi”. Since then, the singer-songwriter has sold over 30 million albums worldwide and made even bigger headlines when she married and eventually divorced the lead singers of Sum 41 and Nickelback.

So how complicated are things for the punk rock star? Along with news of her failed marriages, tabloids often picture Lavigne in the midst of a wild party scene. One of the most telling of these photos debuted last August when she spent Friday evening at the Chateau Marmont until she was too drunk to walk and had to be carried to the backseat of her car by two of her friends. Looks like “complicated” has a new poster child if you ask us.



#11– Mickey Rourke

gallery_main-mickey-rourke-drunk-face-18Wave to the birdie! 63-year old actor Mickey Rourke has had a very interesting and long career that is best described as a rollercoaster of ups and downs. Catching his big break as one of Hollywood’s favorite leading men in the 1980s with films like Diner, Barfly and The Pope of Greenwich Village, Rourke shocked everyone when he decided to take a break from the silver screen to pursue a boxing career. Finding success in the ring, Rourke finally made his way back to Hollywood but faced an uphill battle of drug and alcohol addiction before making a huge comeback in the Academy Award nominated film, The Wrestler.

Obviously no stranger to trouble in the 1980s and 1990s as he gained early success both in and out of the boxing ring, Rourke still likes to get a bit wild even today from time to time. In 2009, photos were released of Rourke as he left a strip club in the heart of London, England. With a smile plastered on his face, the troublemaker was up to his usual shenanigans as he flipped off the cameras in what seemed like good humor.




#10 – Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay-LohanFrom Hollywood child star to the tabloids’ top news story, Lindsay Lohan has been in front of the public eye since she was 10 years old and landed her first leading role in The Parent Trap. Transforming from the lovable freckle-faced redhead and into a stunning and talented young woman, however, proved far more difficult for the actress than anyone ever expected.

Despite ongoing promises to clean up her act, avoid trouble, quit drinking and start working in Hollywood again, the early 2000s to present day have proved traumatic for the star who once had it all. With stints in rehab only lasting a few weeks, it was no surprise when, in summer 2014, Lohan attended the Ischia Film Festival in Italy and, once again, made headlines. After slamming about a dozen vodka tonics, tragedy struck when Lohan fell on her face, causing a paparazzi frenzy. To make matters worse, Lohan later blamed the paparazzi for her drunken fall which just goes to prove she’s clearly learned nothing from rehab.


#9 – Victoria Beckham

vic-e1442995622724Chances are, if you are in your 30s, then you know Victorian Beckham as Posh Spice. Hailing from England, the singer, model and keen businesswoman first got her start as a member of the Spice Girls, an internationally known pop group in the late 1990s. Despite earning great success as a group, the girls split up to pursue solo careers and Beckham focused her sights on modeling. With brains and beauty, Beckham soon met and married the most famous soccer player in the world, David Beckham, forever sealing her fate as a socialite.

But, as so many Spice Girls fans remember, Posh had an attitude and, despite hanging up her music career, the wild child remained. After hosting a dinner at a boutique in London, the photo shows a very tipsy Beckham as she makes her grand exit down the steps on the arm of her husband, who looks less than thrilled at having to chauffer his wife back home. Remember ladies, high heels, wine and stairs never mix!



#8 – Robert Pattinson

Robert-PattinsonWizards and spells to vampires and blood, the third Brit on our list is Robert Pattinson who first got his start in film when he was cast as Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter: The Goblet of Fire. Shortly after proving his talent in the massive franchise, Pattinson landed the lead role in yet another book-based movie series, Twilight. Cast as vampire Edward Cullen, the young actor’s life forever changed as the paparazzi pulled out every trick to capture the world’s favorite blood thirsty man on camera.

An overnight sensation and teen heartthrob, Pattinson has become one of the tabloids’ favorite stories as many of his drunken mishaps have become front page news. One of the most notable stories is pictured here, an incident in 2013 when he was exiting the Troubadour and had dozens of cameras stuck in his face. Appearing incredibly drunk, the tone of the night changed in a flash as even the witching hour proved to be too much for this silver screen vampire.



#7 – Simon Cowell

newsmediaimages.com-celebrity-article-46438-simon-cowell-looking-drunk-favourite-celebrity-picture-2012Known as the toughest critic in the entertainment industry, Simon Cowell is one of the most recognizable faces in the world thanks to his frequent appearances on talent shows like “American Idol”, “The X Factor” and now, as Howard Stern’s replacement on “America’s Got Talent”. Previously working as a producer, Cowell has successfully built a multimedia empire and is estimated to have a net worth of nearly half a billion dollars!

So, what does Cowell do with his billions? Pictured here at one of “The X Factor” after parties, it’s fairly evident that Cowell chooses to spend his fortune on booze and cigarettes and, of course, in the company of beautiful women. Criticized for “letting his hair down” (come on, that never happens!), the world’s most loved and hated judge felt the heat after slurring his speech and barely keeping his eyes open. Who’s judging who now, Simon?



#6 – Prince William & Kate Middleton

wpid-article-1312558588543-0d4ffff600000578-139623_466x310Perhaps the most famous couple in the entire world, William Arthur Philip Louis and Kate Middleton captured the world’s hearts as the son of the late Princess Diana married the love of his life in 2011 in one of the most watched events in television history. Though the couple’s days are currently filled with feedings and diaper changes thanks to their two children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte, their early memories together were far from kid-friendly.

Most often appearing sophisticated and poised, the young couple had their fair share of wild adventures, one of which is pictured here. In 2010, William and Kate emerged in Kensington at a nightclub named Boujis and finally called it a night when they hopped into the back of a car at two in the morning. The photo was huge news but not because the couple appeared absolutely smashed. Rather, the shiny ring on Kate’s finger told the true story: the couple was engaged. How’s that for celebrating like royalty?



#5 – Mel Gibson

Mel_Gibson6From lethal weapon to a lethal problem, Mel Gibson was, at one time, one of the biggest movie stars in the world after making a name for himself in action films like Mad Max and Lethal Weapon. Proving to be multi-talented as he expanded his roles to history films and romantic comedies, Gibson even won a pair of Academy Awards for his film, Braveheart. But, even the best of things can fall to pieces as Gibson’s drunken behavior and anti-Semitic rant sealed the deal on his fate in Hollywood.

First making headlines in 2006 as he shared his opinions and outrageous antics with the world, that wasn’t the only incident where Gibson showed his true colors. Here, paparazzi caught a drunk and annoyed Gibson on camera as he took after the photographers who were camped out near his car. With a cigarette dangling from his mouth, Hollywood’s former leading man proved his place in the shadows as he wildly swung in rage with the accuracy of a blind archer.



#4 – Justin Timberlake

timberlakeAt just 34 years old, Justin Timberlake has been an international star for more than half of his life. It’s hard to imagine, isn’t it? First getting his start on shows like “Star Search” and “The Mickey Mouse Club”, Timberlake later became a member of the boy band, N*SYNC. But, after selling millions of albums worldwide, the group split, allowing Timberlake the chance to prove his ability as a solo artist.

From singing and dancing to acting, there isn’t much Timberlake can’t do well. Ok, so maybe he’s not very good at pretending to be sober. In 2011, Timberlake attended the MLB All-Star Game with numerous other celebrities. Having a good time and drinking lots of beer, Timberlake then interviewed with former Chicago Cub and beer enthusiast Mark Grace where it was evident that Timberlake was already three sheets to the wind. Needless to say, the interview went anything but bye, bye, bye and was soon shared among fans around the world.




#3 – Naomi Campbell


Yet another English model on our list who shares much in common with Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell earned her place in the spotlight as one of the three most recognizable models in the 1990s. Also known as a groundbreaking figure in the world of fashion, the tall and leggy Brit was named a supermodel in the industry, forever solidifying both fortune and fame as she went on to try her hand as an author, musician and actress.

Despite being one of the most in-demand models of the late 1980s and 1990s, Campbell was also considered one of the wildest after numerous run-ins with drugs and alcohol. Pictured here in 2008, Campbell was at a party in Capri, Italy and was obviously too drunk to stand. Being held up by her friend, Campbell was caught red-handed as the paparazzi’s flashes went off like fireworks and led to the next day’s headlines of “Stupormodel”. Though she attempted to play it off as a joke to fake a fall, few people bought it knowing that even her acting skills weren’t that good.



#2 – Pamela Anderson

pamela_anderson_08From a girl wearing a beer t-shirt at a Canadian Football League game to an overnight sensation, Pamela Anderson just so happened to fall into fame. Known for her blonde hair, curves and oversized chest, Anderson’s career looked promising as she found herself on the cover of Playboy and later landed roles on shows like “Home Improvement”, “VIP” and “Baywatch”.

As the former wife of rockers Tommy Lee and Kid Rock, Anderson has had her fair share of drunk and disorderly as the media constantly tries to catch her at her absolute worst. One of the most memorable incidents occurred in 2013 at the Les Ambassadeurs Club in Mayfair, London. After being the first elimination on the eighth season of “Dancing on Ice”, the former “Baywatch” babe obviously didn’t take the rejection well as she drowned her disappointment in the bottom of a glass.



#1 – Brad Pitt

drunk-8Sexiest man alive, Brad Pitt has lived the life that American dreams are made of from his incredible career to his personal life. First gaining recognition in Thelma & Louise as the duo’s handsome cowboy hitchhiker, Pitt soon landed leading roles in big hits like A River Runs Through It, Interview with the Vampire and the Ocean’s Eleven franchise. An Academy Award winner and husband to Angelina Jolie, what more could Pitt want?

Well, maybe for the paparazzi not to catch him in a drunken stupor. Though most of us look absolutely horrific when we’ve had a few too many, Pitt proves his sex appeal, once again, as he looks as dashing as ever after getting sloshed with Quentin Tarantino, Diane Kruger and others at the after-party of the Inglorious Bastards premiere. With a party that lasted well into the night, we can only imagine how drunk the cast actually got since Pitt claimed to be the soberest one there.