Irony of student’s life


When it comes to choosing a stream many students are completely clueless as to what they should pursue. While there are many who do deliberate on how to choose a stream and what course to pursue, but more often than not, they end being affected by the opinion of peers and family members, and therefore, are never able to make a rational apt decision regarding their course and career.


1. If your scores have dipped drastically, it is sure shot sign that the stream isn’t for you.





2. If whatever is being taught in class sounds Greek to you.




3. If you feel out of place in your class and among your classmates.




4. You don’t enjoy the classes as much as your other friends who have taken a different stream.





5. When study time is spent more in daydreaming.




6. You are not in the good books of your teachers who regularly pinpoint your disinterest.





7. You start relating more with Darsheel Safary’s character in ‘Taare Zameen Par’.



8. When the fun time you earlier had is now spent in tuition or extra time studying.




9. You look for reasons to miss classes as you know that even if you attend, you won’t grasp anything.





10. The motivation factor for you now is ‘Studies is not everything and you must develop a skill’.
iStock_000055721122_XXXLarge-1-1050x426We sure believe in that!




11. When even getting passing marks is a relief for you and that is the only aim you have.
exam-results-generic_650x400_41432538129You just want to pass even if it is without those flying colors.