JET LAG Tips – JET Set And GO

“JET LAG” is the extreme tiredness and other physical effects felt by a person after a long flight across different time zones.
Its not just only you who face jet lags, everyone who travels suffered from jet lag. It causes lots of stress tiredness both to mind n body. there are ways to avoid or at least be prepared for the testing time called JET LAG.



1) Start resetting your mind and body before 3 days of your travel by shifting your regular schedule 2 to 3 hours early or late, depending upon the geographical direction of your destination.




2) Take helpful prescription with your doctor, dietitian and physician and keep following it in the meantime.



3) Exercise and eat healthy on the day before your flight. You need to fill your body with nutrients that are going to help you fight the effects of jetlag. Vegetables, protein…eat it up. Exercise is going to help ensure you get a good night’s sleep .



4) Drink a plenty of water or other hygienic drink before, after and during travelling to make yourself hydrated all the time. Dehydration may lead you several diseases like nausea, drowsiness, weakness, diarrhea, insomnia etc.




5) Get a good night’s sleep the day before your flight. Forget all this talk about “staying up the night before your flight and then sleeping on the plane.” Jetlag is hard on your body and if you’re going to beat it you have got to give your body all the nutrients, fluids, and rest that it can get. I’ll tell you what you do not want, and that’s to be slugging through airport check-ins having not slept. And then running the risk of being seated next to a crying baby for 14 hours. Don’t do it. Get your sleep while you can. Your body’s going to need it.

Beautiful woman lying and sleep on the snowy bed



6) No alcohol, no caffeine. This one’s tough but you got to stick to it. No depressants or stimulants the day before your flight, the day OF your flight, and the day you arrive. Thirsty? It’s water all the way until the day after arrival. After that you can drink cocktails ’till the sun comes up.




7) Turn your watch, your phone, and your mind to destination time as soon as you get on the plane. Once you’re on the plane you are operating on local destination time. Eat and sleep accordingly, even if that means skipping meals. If it’s 3am local time, skip the meal and continue trying to sleep. Your body will probably thank you anyway for passing on that airplane food.




8) Exposure to sunlight helps in regulating our circadian rhythms. On the westward flights, get bright morning light at your new destination, and avoid afternoon light exposure, While On eastward flights, avoid early light exposure in morning and get as much light as possible in the afternoon and evening. The light helps in shifting your body’s circadian clock, so that you will feel rested and wake up in appropriate time at your destination.



9) Take a good sleep while travelling in plane and if your destination comes at morning or noon time. Take a little sleep if your destination comes at evening or night time. But do not force yourself to do so .As by doing it forcefully you may feel stress and constipation.Use earplugs and a nightcap to help you sleep in plane.
Passenger Sleeping in an Aircraft Cabin Interior






10) Do not eat a high carb or fatty diet close to bedtime because that can be disruptive to sleep. Just eat fresh fruits or healthy light food before you arrive to your destination.





11) After reaching at your destination just take either cool or hot bath depending upon the climatic conditions, feel refreshing and enjoy your destiny after some refreshments




12. Stay up as late as you can on the first night. In order to really yank your internal clock into the local time you need to stay up later than usual on that first night. It’ll be tough, but shoot for bedtime between 11-12pm. This is going to increase your odds of sleeping through the night. If you go to bed too early on the first night chances are you’ll be waking up at 3am or 4am. If you can stay up until, say, 11:30pm, and sleep until 5:30-6am then you’ll be in perfect shape to crush through any jetlag on day 2.