The Week In Pictures – 28 November 2015


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Venice – Italy

Photo credit - jimmy_chin.Birds eye view of San Francisco, the second most densely populated city in the U.S. besides New York City. In the distance can be seen the new segments of the Bay Bridge, the most expensive public works project in California history, estimated cost at $6.4billion.

Photography By: Brian Kersey

 Chicago Bean Covered In Snow

Photography by @milos_plavsic81

Belgrade, Serbia

Photo by @davidalanharvey

Isabela, Puerto Rico. Waves crash against a reef in a late afternoon dream. These reefs can create shallow tidal pools irresistible for play.

Photograph by @paulnicklen

Two Spirit Bear (Kermode Bear) cubs wait patiently while their mother gorges on crab apples in the Great Bear Rainforest of British Columbia. In this part of the world, approximately one in ten black bears turns pure white from a rare recessive gene. These bears are not albino. In order for this mother to have two black cubs the father would have had black fur and the recessive trait. If he had been white, then the cubs would be guaranteed to be white. If two bears have black fur and the recessive trait then there is only a twenty-five percent chance that one of the cubs would be white. Don’t worry, my head hurts also.

photo by: @tumenator

Sequoia National Park, California

Photography by @thewilliamanderson

Central Park, NYC

Photography by @kardinalmelon

Beautiful autumn day in Amsterdam

photo by @dhenypatungka
photo by @dhenypatungka

The Floating Market, Kalimantan, Indonesia

Photo by @ciriljazbec

Greenland’s dogs are one of the world’s oldest breeds, descended from animals that traveled with the Inuit when they began their journey from Siberia to Greenland a millennium ago. Almost all are kept chained as adults; they’re free to roam only as puppies. They’re working dogs, not pets, fierce enough to confront a polar bear and bred to find contentment harnessed to a sled pulling heavy loads over ice. They’re also one of the lesser known casualties of climate change.

Photo @TimLaman
Photo @TimLaman

Happy Turkey Day to all! Here’s one happy bird that got away! I photographed this wild turkey in Lexington Massachusetts. Wild turkeys have made a huge comeback. One hundred years ago, they were nearly hunted out and perhaps less than 30,000 remained in all of North America. Today, thanks to game management and conservation efforts, the population has rebounded to 7 million.

Photo by @BrianSkerry
Photo by @BrianSkerry

A white-tailed sea eagle perched on offshore pack ice off of Japan’s Shiretoko Peninsula. The eagles come here in search of herring that aggregate below the surface. Winter in Hokkaido.

Photo by @fotokonbit student Angelaure Saint Louis
Photo by @fotokonbit student Angelaure Saint Louis

The bustling Iron Market on Grande Rue in downtown Port-au-Prince, destroyed by the 2010 earthquake, was restored to look as it did when built more then a century ago. The market is the working place of hundreds of Haitians selling everything from meat, vegetables, fabrics, paintings, and souvenirs.

Photography by @ChrisLeidy

 Making friends in the Indian Ocean

Photo by @renaeffendiphoto

I am tracking Mahatma Gandhi in India & I photographed this girl in Samni, a village in Gujarat along the Salt March route. The Salt March, also known as the Salt Satyagraha was a non-violent civil disobedience campaign led by Gandhi to oppose the British rule in India.

Picture by-Corrine_T

Giraffe Manor, Nairobi – Kenya.