Watch out!! Dangers Lurking Around You



No place on earth is safe and most of the accidents occur because Paying less attention or often-overlooking them. We need to remember that dangers lurk in even the least expected places. However,most of the accidents that occur  are preventable. Proactive mind can play
a critical role in avoiding these accidents to turn out to be a potential dangers.



Blood Sucking Butterflies

Iguazu-Falls-butterflies03_Butterflies look amazing right? But, be careful because some butterflies drink blood.




Beware when you PEE.

Trichomycterus-zonatus-ACYou may have heared of Candiru. If not you should be reading this. Actually Candiru is a parasitic freshwater fish that lives in South America. What makes the tiny fish interesting is Candiru can follow a stream of urine to its source, it enters the body bursts its fins pointing it firmly into the flesh.




Are you breathing Fresh AIR ??

110509114034_1_900x600You breathe air or human skin? Well if you’re on a metro station, 15% of the air you breathe is human skin.




ELEVATOR: Your destination to HEAVEN.

elevator-button-4x3If you use elevators, the probability that you will die is not very high but annually, on an average 27 people die due to elevators.




Don’t Annoy a SWAN.

10545047-largeSwans look so peaceful, right? Think again. When threatened, they become very aggressive. They have been known to attack people on jet skis, overturn boats and can kill dogs.




Your DESK worst than a Toilet seat.

23C5C17D00000578-2859334-image-a-31_1417782965829If compared to toilet, an average office desk contains more than Four hundred times more bacteria on it.




Zipper then RIPPER.

article-0-13A46948000005DC-998_634x798Zipper is responsible for many penile injuries. Every year, such injuries hurt more tan than 1,700 men.




Germs friendly Rings.

pinky2Do you wear a ring? You will be stunned to know that germs living beneath it in numbers can be as high as 730 million, more than the population of Europe.




When BED becomes your Coffin

2d_fall_off_the_bed_by_restless_love-d7zh3gpBeds can be very harmful. After falling out of bed, 600 people die just in the United States every year.




Your Fruit Punch got BUNCH of beetles.

dannon_57805Red-colored eatables such as strawberry yogurt and fruit punch are loved by many, but do you know that these items are often dyed with carmine made from cochineal beetles.




Every BATH in BATH TUB can be your LAST.

bathtub,brunette,drowned,fowers,gazing,girl-b117b9e6243476001ac5830a40e19c47_hIn America, the chances of dying due to drowning in bathtub are 25 times more than to be killed by terrorists. Almost 340 people die every year.




Shocking news of SHOCKing TV Deaths

homeguides-articles-thumbs-electrocuted.jpg.600x275_q85_cropWatching thunderstorms on TV can be exciting but one thing you should not forget that if lightning enters, it can run through phone lines, electrical system, TV, plumbing lines, and radio antennas.




Why your MOM & DAD think your PHONE is a SH*T

phonefingers-600Your phone has SH*T! Research state that 16% of cell phones have poop on them.