The Week In Pictures – 5 December 2015


So we are back with the weekly pictures. This time, as per your feedback, we are again spreading our collection from South East Asia to Europe and Middle East to North America and Canada. We are trying to post pictures which will educate you and bring peace of mind. Please do continue to give your valuable feedback. Have a fun filled weekend and take care.

photo by joelsartore

Check out these golden snub-nosed monkeys at @hkoceanpark!

photo by @marselvanoosten
photo by @marselvanoosten

Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

photo by @kyrenian

Snowy Istanbul

Photography By: Kale Org
Photography By: Kale Org

Majestic Kea in Flight, New Zealand

Photograph by paulnicklen

I have been fortunate enough to see a lot of rainbows while spending so much time out in the nature. This one at the Banzai Pipeline on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii, however, was the brightest and most delineated rainbow I have ever seen.

Photography by @felecool

Leshan Giant Buddha, Sichuan, China

Photo by @paleyphoto

Now in Uttarakhand, India, under the gaze of the Himalaya. Just a couple hours walk away from the main road, this small self-sufficient community practices a form of folk #hinduism. They are all #vegetarians.

Photograph by: Peter and Ute Grahlmann
Photograph by: Peter and Ute Grahlmann

Seen here is a beautiful single bench overlooking Lake Constance from Lindenhof Park which is located in Lindau, a Bavarian town and island on the eastern side of Lake Constance in Germany

Photo by @jakeolsonstudios

Meeting new friends

Photo - Tim Laman
Photo – Tim Laman

Flashback Japan. Deer and sea ice, Hokkaido, Japan.

Photo by michael christopher brown

December 1, 2015: Mbuti pygmies hunt monkeys in the Ituri Forest, a tropical rainforest covering much of the north central portion of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

12328312_1502244223403092_370025455_nSmoke rises from the Calbuco Volcano near Puerto Montt, Chile

Photograph by paul nicklen

Just before going into the den for the winter, an ice covered bear rubs against a tree along the Fishing Branch River of Canada’s Yukon Territory.

Photo by joseph c

Peyto Lake, Alberta, Canada.