Start your week on a funny note. So Here Are A Bunch Of Animals Riding Other Animals.


Be so happy that when others look at you, they become happy too. Oh, come on. It’s Monday, not doomsday. These photos show off how the animal kingdom is full of all sorts of unlikely friendships.

This is a cowboy – sorry – cowdog. Horsedog?
Monday-funny-1These mice are really not scared. Just like Tom & Jerry.
Monday-funny-2Oh no.. I will have to change my color. Such a colorful pair.
Monday-funny-3Dogs on dogs on dogs… Best friendship
Monday-funny-4I bet the dog does not know that the ducks can’t drown.
Monday-funny-5Paternal love or we can say “piggyback”
Monday-funny-6This one is a shocker. Hey turtle get off, I have a reputation..
Monday-funny-7The most adorable friendship possible.
Monday-funny-8Best friend example. My best friends are ducks and rabbits..
Monday-funny-9Kiss Me.. Kiss Me.. I am a beautiful princess, I will marry you.. Please Kiss Me.
Monday-funny-10Pug yeah! Just like a BOSS..
Monday-funny-11This is some crazy stuff… Monkey has guts..
Monday-funny-12Practice on for “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”. LOL
Monday-funny-13This one just doesn’t make any sense. This is absurd..
Monday-funny-14These two are the perfect representation of Easter. Easter Bunny & Easter Duck..
Monday-funny-15We both are keeping a watchful eye on everything..
Monday-funny-16I think he likes to pretend, he is just giving him a hug.
Monday-funny-17Did you know ladybugs like to ride snails? So cute..
Monday-funny-18This is again a unique friendship. I am faster than the lobster..
Monday-funny-19Just perfect.I am the BOSS..