The Week In Pictures – 12 December 2015


We are overwhelmed with your response on our weekly pictures segment. We are striving hard to provide you with real and interesting pictures across the globe. We are thankful to Amber, Kane, Emma, Madison & Declan for sharing some pictures with us. Do keep in pouring your feedback, which will help us continue entertaining you for the coming weeks. Have a fun filled weekend and Enjoy your Holidays.

Photo by John O'Sullivan
Photo by John O’Sullivan

Winter in Chicago

Photo by: villepaakkonen
Photo by: villepaakkonen

Mother Bear & Cute Cubs

Photograph by Vitali Bondar

Red Squirrels

Photo by: lonebuffalophoto
Pic: Francois Rigaud

Miami Beach – Florida

12317802_1031913703517932_160655816_nMichthek “Mich Kemeter” has smashed a ‘waterlining’ world record – tip toeing an incredible 820 feet [250m] along a slack line above a beautiful mirrored lake. Extreme sports champion Mich Kemeter walked the length of almost THREE football fields to complete the energy sapping challenge. It took the Austrian almost 20 attempts – and several falls – over 20 days to break the record at the Green Lake in Tragoess, Austria

Photograph by : Aijoh Suke

Lantern Festival, Chiang Mai – Thailand

Photograph by thomas peschak

Brown Pelicans, Magdalena Bay, Mexico, Baja California are known to hang around fishing boats for scraps. A former fisherman, has now taken to feeding the pelicans as part of his new eco-tourism operation in the area.

Photography by bamorris

The rainbow mountains of Vinicunca, Peru

photo by @drewtrush

The North American Pika. Home in the high alpine of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, pika like it cold and can die if exposed to temperatures greater than 78 degrees.

Picture by @Bihterelis

Bolu – Turkey

photo by @ladzinski
photo by @ladzinski

Boven, South Africa

12292751_1651719768444908_27035845_nThe floating market in Thailand

Photography By: Phil Noble
Photography By: Phil Noble

Short Clawed Otter Eats A Fish