These Weird Service’s Actually Exist


Anything is possible in the world, people do bizarre things. as long as it clicks people can go extra miles to earn money, fame and popularity.

When it comes to entrepreneurship, people have come up with weird crazy ideas. Presenting the bizarre services people have been offered and some of them actually clicked.

After all its a bizarre world.


Buy A Face

article-2051277-0E73D46800000578-629_634x438Two London post-grads started a business to rent out ad space on student faces to pay off their college loans. It seems like the perfect place for a Facebook ad.





pretty-girl-holding-cashIn China, young men can impress their families by bringing a nice girl home to mom. This sounds like the plot of a bad rom-com, but it’s real!



Grandma For Rent

e16b165735e5bc765679c8102c9e3286“Grandmas For Hire” in Australia lets families rent a nana as a nanny. Next they need to offer granddads for fishing trips and to update you on all the things the government is doing wrong.




Rent A Little Person

article-2139488-12ED4B2F000005DC-205_634x326These services are often sought out by party hosts looking for something “different.” The services even include the bizarre act of “Dwarf Tossing.”



Your Own Personal Stalkerazzi

Running Away From ZombiesThis company provides you with an anonymous stranger who follows you around taking candid photos of your daily activities.



Snake Massage

Weired_Stress_Relieving_Snake_ Massage_Therapy_spa17Ida Barak is an Israeli spa-owner that helps her clients reduce joint pain and relax by covering their bodies with snakes.



Japanese Apology Services

146Multiple companies in Japan offer apologies on your behalf. They range from email/over the phone apologies to face-to-face apologies that could cost you up to $240.



Crime Scene Clean Up

rsz_crimescenetape-biohazardgloveOnce police and investigators clear out of a crime scene, the evidence might be gone, but the mess certainly isn’t. Thankfully, crime scene clean up services specialize in clean up after homicides, suicides, and accidental deaths- disinfecting the area, removing contaminated items, and restoring the space to safety.
But buyer beware, you could end up paying a high price. One family in Maryland, after suffering the tragic loss of their mother, was left with a $12,000 (~£7,800) bill from crime scene clean up company, Aftermath, after only six hours of work.


Professional Bird Shit Removal:


Yep these guys offer to remove the shit from your car or house




 Wedding Guest Service

creating-wedding-guest-listWedding is seen as a sacred event attended by as many family member and colleagues as possible. If you don’t have that many people to attend your wedding, though, this service offers fake guests to comply with your guests list.




Bare Thigh Advertising Space

Japan-Launches-Thigh-AdvertisingLooking for a brand new technique in advertising your company’s product or service that will attract more customers? This service might help you with its quite bizzare method. Now, you may stick your advertising stickers on young ladies’ bare legs – which lies between their mini-skirt and high socks – and these girls will walk to advertise your service or product to people they pass with.