Hospitals or 5 STAR Hotels? Most Expensive Hospitals around the world.


1) Hospital: Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh

   Location: Pittsburgh, PA, USA

Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh 2Childrens-Hospital-of-Pittsburgh 1While this hospital is soothing and comforting for its visitors it also successfully merges technological advancements like EHR and CPOE. Hospital is one of the leading in the country and has designed its campus with a family-friendly feel, complete with playful interiors, private rooms, a family resource center with a four-story atrium and dining area, a Healing Garden library, musical therapy room, and a business center for families and parents.

2) Hospital: The London Clinic

   Location: London, England, United Kingdom

LONDON CLINICLondon_Clinic_Front_2 Facility was designed keeping patient’s comfort in mind. Includes soothing interior colors and the use of natural light with modern amenities like flat screen televisions in each room.They have commissioned an integrated arts program to be a part of their design for comfort and well-being.

3) Hospital: St. Rose Dominican Hospitals

   Location: Siena Campus – Las Vegas, NV, USA

St. Rose Dominican HospitalsSt. Rose Dominican Hospitals 2

Spanish missions building isn’t only appealing from the exterior but from the interior as well. Patients and their families have great views of downtown Las Vegas and nearby desert landscape from inside.The interior has 100-foot bell tower and entry rotunda, encouraging and biblical quotations that are reflected throughout the entire facility and a ¾-acre indoor garden where visitors can take gardening classes.

4) Hospital: Bumrungrad International Hospital

   Location: Bangkok, Thailand

Bumrungrad International Hospital  2Bumrungrad International Hospital 1

Bumrungrad International Hospital is one of the most popular medical tourism destinations in the world which treats over 400,000 foreign patients each year from various countries.The designs of the patient rooms use soothing colors and warm furnishings, like natural woods and plush fabrics. With air-conditioned walkways connecting several towers that make up the main structure, the hospital also includes two levels of restaurants and shopping areas.

5) Hospital: UPMC Hamot Women’s Hospital

   Location: Erie, PA, USA

UPMC Hamot Women’s Hospital 2UPMC Hamot Women’s Hospital 1

This newly constructed facility offers patients and visitors a grand 2-story entryway, 40-foot water wall, and picturesque views of nearby Presque Isle Bay and the neighboring downtown area. The interior evokes a feeling of calm and relaxation for patients and mothers-to-be with warm earth tones and comfortable furnishings.

6) Hospital: The City Hospital

   Location: Dubai, UAE

The City Hospital 1
The City Hospital 2This hospital can sometimes make patients feel like they’re in a 5-star luxury hotel instead of a care facility. It offers patients and their families access to a heated indoor swimming pool, spa, sauna, Jacuzzi and gym, along with the VIP floor that has a separate entrance, elevators and valet service, with 12 suites that are designed and furnished to provide the highest levels of comfort.

7) Hospital: Florida Hospital Waterman

   Location: Tavares, FL, USA

Florida Hospital Waterman 1Florida Hospital Waterman 2

This included non-reflective exterior glass, investigations in flight patterns, and altering helicopter routes around the birds’ natural flight paths. On the exterior, an eye-catching hovering roof connects the modern addition to the hospital with one of its original buildings, while the interior boasts a hotel-like ambiance with a concierge at the entrance and soft, comforting furniture throughout. This hospital was designed with patients, staff, and the environment in mind. In addition to multiple staff rooms to eliminate noise and “stuffy” areas, the hospital was also designed around the natural habitat of endangered birds that call the area home.

8) Hospital: Matilda International Hospital

   Location: Hong Kong, China

Matilda International Hospital 1Matilda International Hospital 2Beautifully situated on the historic Victoria Peak, known informally as “The Peak”, overlooking the South China Sea on Hong Kong Island. Its “operating theater” uses innovative designs with glass paneled walls and LED lighting along with ceiling pendants to maximize the flexibility of the room.

9) Hospital: Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital

   Location: Bloomfield, MI, USA

Henry Ford West Bloomfield-1Henry Ford West Bloomfield-2

This 160-acre hospital campus have aesthetically pleasing buildings on the exterior as well as a shopping mall-like interior. It also has LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Certified for its use of natural light for heating and cooling, rainwater collection and filtration system, recycling programs, and more. With wide use of interior landscaping and design, visitors and patients almost never feel like they’re in a hospital.

10) Hospital: Sharp Memorial Hospital

   Location: San Diego, CA, USA

Sharp Memorial Hospital 1Sharp Memorial Hospital 2This hospital’s design is a sharp contrast to the sterile white walls and big bulky equipment that often comes to mind when we think of large medical facilities.Equipped with a separate set of elevators for patients or medical staff and the public, as well as a rooftop garden, all private rooms with pull-out couches for guests, and museum-quality paintings adorning the walls, patients and their families may be tempted to stay longer just for the fun of it.