The Week In Pictures – 26 December 2015


Hi guys, Happy Holidays once again we are back with the week in pictures. This time Zak is focusing on Nature and its beauty. Do give us your feedback’s on how you like these pictures. We have spread our collection across the globe, from Alaska to Sydney Australia.

Again we want all our viewers to have a fun and enlighten time viewing all our articles, thus we work really hard to give you’ll the best in the week in pictures. Love your guys, have a fun filled week ahead and Happy Holidays.

Photo by StianMKlo

Surfing in the Arctic under norther light

Photo by @joelsartore

An endangered Matschie’s tree-kangaroo with her joey at a zoo in Miami.

photo by @toinou1375
photo by @toinou1375

Victoria Falls

Photo by @ lucas foglia

When gray winter encloses Sweden, ice-hole bathing is a welcome release for the bold. In Källtorpssjön, a lake near Stockholm, a man jumps into the freezing water.

12393639_464264403759475_1199974703_nHere is a aerial shot from – Nishinoshima. It is a volcanic island located south of Tokyo, Japan.

Photo by @Allie M Taylor

Walking among the giants, Sequoia National Park – California.

Photo by Brian Skerry
Photo by Brian Skerry

A large Tiger Shark swims with bar jacks off her nose within a shallow water region in The Bahamas that researchers believe might be a ‘maternity ward’ where pregnant females spend time before pupping.

12346287_719706718165127_1751319038_nHidden Lagoon Palawan island in the Philippines

Photo by Kyrenian

Cameo Island, Zakynthos

Photo by @mattias klum
Photo by @mattias klum

Man and dog in close partnership herding Merino sheep outside of Sydney, Australia.

photo by roberts_rs
photo by roberts_rs

Amazing Switzerland

Picture by ilhan1077

Mont Saint Michel – France

Photo by @paulnicklen

A tundra wolf stares my lens down in the Northwest Territories.

Photo by roy nuesca

“The dead mans cat walk” – Honolulu, Hawaii

Photo by ©Christian Frausto

Hidden Beach, Marieta Islands, Mexico

Picture by Argenel

Lake Louise, Alberta – Canada

Photography by @kpunkka

One of Santa’s reindeer’s wishes you a Merry Christmas!

photo by joel sartore
photo by joel sartore

This is a mother caribou and her child in Denali National Park in Alaska’s interior. The differences between caribou and reindeer are that reindeer are smaller, European and more domesticated. Caribou are wild and North American.

Picture by Marco Bottigelli

Winter in Filisur – Switzerland

Photo by Joel Kent Holland

Cabin in the woods