Ugly truth of Modern Culture. Disturbing at the same time Amazing pictures.


*Warning: Graphic Images* Not suitable for underage audience.

There is a new trend, in few artists exposing our current culture in their respective thoughts on canvas. Thus, you may be viewing such pictures on and of continuously. However, we respect their thoughts on displaying the truth as well as the ugliness in our so called Modern Culture.

The art presented below are highly debatable by many, as it ranges from controversial issues, as well as the current position of Women in our society. It displays the impact of war, hunger, religion, physical abuse etc. Some of the images below are done by artist Luis Quiles and others by Steve Cutts. We respect them for their hard hitting thoughts.

Please note that some of the images might make you feel unpleasant or make you feel angry. Relax, view these images with an open mind and try to relate them with our Modern culture. Feel free to share your take on the illustrations in the comment section below!

* respects the artist, but in no way support these thoughts. These images reflect the thought of the artist alone.

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