LEGO Gone Wild! (Mike Doyle)


As long as I remember Lego has been in my life. I had created buildings, aircraft, submarine, cars, trains, little heroes from left over blocks and making big castle for my HE-MAN action figure. With Lego I have traveled to the depth to the ocean, fought the army of Skeletor as HE-MAN ‘I Have The Power’.

LEGO-based artist, author, and curator Mike Doyle has collected an impressive set to add to the set of Lego masterpiece. Mike Doyle calls his latest Lego Book – Beautiful LEGO: Wild! by No Starch Press.

The Beautiful LEGO: Wild! Consist of natural wonders from undersea landscapes as well as deep forest and its inhabitants produced from over 3,500 LEGO pieces.

So here are some pictures of Lego created by Mike

Doyle_12 Doyle_10Doyle_01hero-2Doyle_09Doyle_06lego-extraDoyle_03Doyle_05