Bugs and Insects as Famous Brands. Awesome Art Work by Kickatomic.


Just imagine if bugs and insects were representing the famous brands across the globe, what they would look like. Malaysia-based design agency, Kickatomic has come up with graphical art work of bugs and insects as the logo of famous brands.

They have nailed it with awesome slogans like “If SUBWAY was an insect, we would need to start praying for our gardens. OR If KFC was an insect”. Check out the indigenous graphical insect art.

kickatomic-fedexkickatomic-Adidaskickatomic-Baskin Robinskickatomic-Disneykickatomic-Redbullkickatomic-Shellkickatomic-Leviskickatomic-Heinekenkickatomic-Starbuckskickatomic-IBMkickatomic-dominoskickatomic-McDonaldkickatomic-police kickatomic-Nikekickatomic-Raybankickatomic-Calvin-Kleinkickatomic-KFCkickatomic-Subway