6 Super Simple Tips for an Easier Menstruation Cycle


Follow some super simple tips from experts to avoid a painful period and get quick relief! We all go through that time of the month, when we have to deal with pain and cramps followed by bloating and irritation. If you observe the same symptoms, please follow these simple tips and get quick relief.


Many of us feel that drinking more water causes bloating during our period. It’s a myth. Being fully hydrated improves our digestion and help prevent water retention caused by monthly hormonal changes. Thus, one should drink a minimum of 2-3 liters of water daily during the Menstrual cycle.

Salt and Caffeine.

Stay away from processed and fast foods, with their high-salt structure, and you’ll help hold water maintenance in your body and minimize bloating. Caffeine – found in your everyday proportion of coffee, tea or soda – can bother the stomach by expanding gastrointestinal causticity, making your cramps worse and adding to the discomfort. You don’t need to surrender your morning cup of coffee, but do limit your intake.

Get High on Calcium.

Foods rich in calcium — broccoli, yogurt, cabbage and milk — will naturally fight muscle spasms and help you avoid cramps. Women need no less than 1,200 mg of calcium on a daily basis and by using green veggies like kale and spinach, which has an added advantage of extra vitamins, will help you lighten your flow.


A quick tip could be usage of ibuprofen, aspirin or naproxen to reduce your Menstrual pain and cramps. If you have a regular Menstrual cycle, you can have one of these pills once day before your Menstrual cycle starts and get rid of the normal discomfort. Please do consult your doctor, before using this tip. It has been proved helpful to many women.


You need to stretch your abdominal muscles with small workouts. You can also take a walk or jog, swim or stretch and you will reduce much of the discomfort of your period.


Now here is the best part, a daily small dosage of dark chocolates, is what the best doctors’ advice during your Menstrual cycle. A square of dark chocolate stimulates secretions of serotonin — which gives you a good feeling. It helps ease and mellow down our irritation, anxiety and mood swings.