3D Superhero Body Paint by Lianne Moseley


‘Super Hero’ who doesn’t want to be a hero/villain like Wolverine, Batman, Spider man, Joker, Superman and many more. Now you can be a hero to with the help of makeup artist Lianne Moseley. She has a super power of her own she has the ability to turn normal people into Super Heroes.

Moseley paints the entire body to make it look like a 3D comic book character. So far she’s produced incredible recreations of Captain America, Wolverine, Mystique, and many more. She also occasionally adds her own spin on a classic character, like turning them into a zombie.

Here are a few pictures of how Lianne Moseley transforms her clients which look as though they’ve come straight from the pages of comic books.

SPIDER-MAN980x(10)MYSTIQUE980x(6)DEADPOOL  (Female)12357554_509883679189850_1618425638_nCARNAGE (Female)
11939458_965394273499805_1795392914_nCAPTAIN AMERICA (ZOMBIE)
980x(9)DARE DEVIL12346273_1698565850419907_764283440_nDARE DEVIL12362575_552760681543593_281926499_n980x(11)12357303_598957040252475_988385435_n