Today’s Generation Better or Worse you Decide?


There is a big difference in the kids of today. A four year old can handle an iPad. Growing up with this technology they have adapted to it, learning about it quicker than any generation before them. Having access on their finger tips of any and all information.

Nowadays social media has had a great influence on today’s generation . Having a selfless and short attention span seems to be normal. Here are a few pictures that you will find hilarious but is the truth of how today’s generation are.

They don’t even know why the phone even has a cord. pic3Pains of dial-up and floppy disk days is something they will never understand.
pic121They don’t appreciate what they have and always want new technology.
pic142Priority has changed to the most grown up level

Having all the latest technology.
pic13Obsessiveness for taking selfless has reached a new bottom.
pic111Party these days.
pic16The only way they view the world today if you send them a picture of the beautiful nature rather than visiting that place themselves.
pic12Texting the most precious moment in their life is far more important then enjoying.
pic7Being famous on social media has become far more important than their life.pic5They have no sense of the classics.
pic8Phones have become their entire life.
pic4They share every bit detail of their life to get more followers to their blogs.
pic6Talking has become so old fashion to them that the means to socialize with each other is through texting, tweeting, posting, and messaging.