Cultures Getting Closer In Global World, Art By Ali Hassoun


The great Ali Hassoun Italian/Lebanese artist is continuously trying to portray different cultures across the world. His main objective is to showcase that we are living in a Global world. He has been a follower of the great Alighiero Boetti and tries to replicate some of his original art.

Here we bring to you, some of his paintings, which are quiet distinctive from other artist. One can easily relate to different cultures across the globe. My favorite is the kids playing with each other. Enjoy.

Pop Boys

Ali Hassoun-1
The storm, sand and pigments

Ali Hassoun-2Expressions

Ali Hassoun-3Nascita Di Venere

Ali Hassoun-4Friendship

Ali Hassoun-5African Market

Ali Hassoun-6Coca Cola

Ali Hassoun-7Alighiero Boetti

Ali Hassoun-8Milano Expo

Ali Hassoun-9Campbell’s SoupAli Hassoun-10Market

Ali Hassoun-11Local Kitchen

Ali Hassoun-12Difference in Costume

Ali Hassoun-13Education

Ali Hassoun-14Art Survival

Ali Hassoun-15

Women across the world

Ali Hassoun-17