“Wookiee The Chew” created by James Hance


James Hance an illustrator and artist has combined Star Wars with Winnie the Pooh and has produced a new collection called “Wookie the Chew“. Hance’s has recreated Chewbacca as the Pooh Bear and Eeyore as an Imperial Walker, along other crossovers.

‘Wookiee The Chew’ is an adorkable tale of the little. Artist James Hance has captured both of those innocent stages of adolescence and combined them into wonderfully whimsical illustrations.

The amazing thing about Wookiee the Chew is that it is self-published by the author. You can’t find it in your local Barnes and Noble, or on Amazon.com. James Hance is a terrific artist, who often mashes up disparate elements of pop culture in hilarious and creative new ways. Here are few illustration that show Han Solo, Chewbacca, R2-D2 and Princes Leia.pooh8pooh7pooh6pooh3pooh5pooh2pooh4pooh1