Woman OH Woman artwork by Cassandra Calin


Brilliant comic strips that every woman can relate to in her day to day life. These artworks are made by superb artist Cassandra Calin. She gives a glimpse of joy and fun in her artwork for all the problems a woman has to face in her life.

It could be as simple as shopping or as complex as practicing yoga. From deciding what to wear to being herself at times. Enjoy these artworks and do share it with someone you think of. Enjoy your weekend.


Typical Mornings

Cassandra-Calin-11I don’t want other colours

Cassandra-Calin-1Realizing I’m halfway to 40…

Cassandra-Calin-3I wish.. I wish..

Cassandra-Calin-4nope nope.. try my best.. i give up!

Cassandra-Calin-23The camera loathes me!

Cassandra-Calin-20Mascara oh my mascara…

Cassandra-Calin-16Diet is my only hope..

Cassandra-Calin-15Alas I have mastered the last pose.

Cassandra-Calin-5Cassandra-Calin-6Cassandra-Calin-7Being natural..

Cassandra-Calin-13Trying on something…

Cassandra-Calin-14ugh. What happened to me?

Cassandra-Calin-22Am I really so Ugly?

Cassandra-Calin-12Keeping a diary is a struggle..

Cassandra-Calin-17Fall Fashion… Winter Fashion…