Hilarious Pictures taken at the right moment


Everyone poses for a good picture but some turnout to be legendary. There are some pictures which were taken for one particular reason but show a completely different story.

Art of photography is not about pushing a button, it’s about honing your skill and capturing that perfect moment which is worth a thousand words. If anyone asked the photographer of any of these photos to do this again, they more than likely couldn’t. Having impeccable timing can get you a lot of good things in life.

Here are some hilarious pictures that will bring smile on your face.

What is he searching forperfectly-timed-photos-taken-at-the-right-moment-13Man Inspecting uniformperfectly-timed-photos-taken-at-the-right-moment-49Super dog running on water111

Why is he wearing a skirt101

That cat really like that foodperfectly-timed-photos-taken-at-the-right-moment-23

Super Fart91

Woman standing on Flying Carpetperfectly-timed-photos-taken-at-the-right-moment-48

Centaurs are real81

These Dogs will eat anything122

What is Happening61

He is one Lucky Boy gets kiss from Girl31

Fart of Victory29

Congratulation you have a baby Goblin 28

Men are Dogs30

Its all about peace41

Can you really blame the monkey14

Oh so that where babies come from22

King Kong18