Natural Health Tips to help fight Diseases


Now a days people take many pills, sometimes that’s ok but using too many painkillers can really cause damage to your health. Rather taking pills for mild or moderate pains use can use natural painkillers.

Natural painkillers are provided to us by nature. These 19 different foods are natural remedies that can be used to alleviate many types of pain.


  1. Muscle Pain – GingermaxresdefaultThe main ingredient in ginger – Gingerol, which inhibits the production of pain-inducing hormones. A teaspoon of dried ginger or 2 teaspoons of fresh ginger every day will do the trick.
  2. Toothaches – ClovesCloves (spice)backgroundPowdered cloves are a known home remedy for toothaches and gingivitis. ¼ teaspoon every day will help keep your heart healthy, and scientists are saying that it also aids in stabilizing blood-sugar levels and even starts lowering cholesterol levels

3. Acid Reflux – Apple Cider VinegarApfelsaftThe active ingredients in the vinegar that treat reflux are malic acid and tartaric acid, which quicken digestion and help your body break down fats and proteins. By adding just a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar to a cup of water before every meal can prevent acid reflux within 24 hours.

4. Earache – Garlicgarlic-for-earache-760x428‘Nature’s antibiotics’, garlic indeed possesses powerful anti-inflammatory qualities. Garlic contains minerals such as selenium, germanium and sulfur, which are all very toxic to most kinds of bacteria.

5. Headaches and join pains – Cherriesnola-orchard-cherriesAnthocyanin is the pigment that gives cherries their bright red color. It is also a powerful anti-inflammatory, ten times more powerful than ibuprofen or aspirin. Anthocyanin actively paralyzes the enzymes that cause tissue inflammation, making cherries the perfect treatment. Eating about 20 cherries every day will do the trick.

6. Stomachaches – Fish10872-fish-with-vegetables-in-the-ovenOmega-3 fatty acids found in fish can actively reduce stomach cramping and enteritis.The fish richest in Omega-3 are salmon, tuna, herring, mackerel, sardines, and trout.

7. PMS – Yogurt

Frozen Yogurt AssortmentEating two servings of yogurt daily can reduce the intensity of PMS pain by almost 50%. Yogurt is rich in calcium, a mineral that naturally soothes the nervous system, thus preventing painful symptoms despite the hormonal changes.

8. Chronic Pains – TurmericturmericTurmeric can heal up to 50% of people suffering from arthritis and fibromyalgia. The active ingredient in turmeric – curcumin, paralyzes the enzyme that causes serial pain. A ¼ teaspoon of turmeric every day will reduce your chronic pain considerably.

9. Endometriosis – Oatsoats-1ttzvz6When the tissue that normally grows inside the uterus grows outside the uterus, it may cause a severe and painful inflammation that drags on long after the end of the period. Luckily, an oats-rich diet can reduce up to 60% of the pain within six months.

10. Ingrown Toenails and Toothaches – SaltSalt_Farmers_-_Pak_Thale-edit1Soaking your feet in salt water can heal ingrown-related infections in just four days. Salt is antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. Dentists recommend gargling with salt water to treat and prevent gingivitis. Doing this can also help when you’re suffering from a throat infection.

11. Indigestion – Pineapplecanned-pineapple3Pineapples are a delicious tropical fruit that are rich in protein-breaking enzymes. These enzymes help the body with the digestion processes, speeding it up and reducing stomach pains that come from gas buildups.

12. Muscle Pains – MintMint-Julep-4Cramped muscles can be painful for months, a hot bath with ten drops of mint oil, three times a week, is 25% more effective than prescription drugs. The hot water helps relax and loosen the muscles while the mint oil soothes the aching nervous system.

13. Backaches – Grapes56395884GrapeResearchers found that one cup of fresh grapes per day can help improve blood flow to the damaged tissue in the back, sometimes within as little as three hours. The spine is highly dependent on the nutrients and oxygen in the blood, making eating grapes a highly beneficial act.

14. Injury-Related Pains – WaterBusted-Myths-About-Drinking-WaterWhen body tissue is damaged, it produces a chemical compound called histamine, which causes pain. Water dilutes the amounts of histamine in the blood, thus effectively reducing the level of pain. Water is also essential for the health of the cartilage tissue between our bones, as well as lubricating our joints and the soft tissue in our spine.

15. Sinus Pain – HorseradishHorseradishSinusitis causes severe headaches, face pains and can even hinder breathing. Horseradish can increase the blood flow to the sinuses, decongesting them and draining any obstructions that may cause the infection.

16. Oral Infections – HoneyHoney contains anti-inflammatory enzymes that destroy viruses and speed up the healing process. It is recommended that you apply unpasteurized honey directly onto the wounds four times a day. The healing process will take 43% less time compared to OTC ointments and creams.

17. Chest Pains – Flax Seeds

close up of flax seeds and wooden spoon food backgroundFlaxseeds contain phytoestrogen, a compound that prevents changes in estrogen levels that cause some women pain. All you need to do is to add three tablespoons of flaxseeds to your daily diet. This should help with the pain within 12 weeks.

18. Migraines – Coffeecoffee-and-breakfast1Caffeine improves the stomach lining’s ability to absorb medication, increasing its effectiveness by up to 40%. If you’re taking headache medication – take it with a cup of coffee.

19. Cramped Muscles – Tomato Juicewww.newstoner.com_Our muscles tend to cramp when our bodies don’t have enough potassium. Diuretics or excessive sweating can cause potassium deficiency. Potassium is a mineral that is essential to our muscles’ health. Drinking one cup of tomato juice every day can help ease cramped muscles and prevent future occurrences, thanks to the high levels of potassium in it.