Hilarious illustrations of your cat when its Home Alone by Landysh


Cats are the most friendly creatures on this planet, even if its a pet or a stray cat they are adorable.

Ever wonder what your cat thinks when it stares at you which looks evil and cute at the same time. It’s probably thinking “I wish I could live on my own without you.” Cat likes to get up to all kinds of mischief and fun as is shown in these hilarious illustrations by artist Landysh for Lingvistov.

Home Alone CatMTMxNzcyMjY1MTU4MjA5NTA2Checks my browser historyMTMxNzcyMjY1NDI2NTk0NDM1Decides to redecorate the flatMTMxNzcyMjY1Njk1MDcwMjE4Takeaway food and watches animal planetMTMxNzcyMjY1NDI2NzEwNDk4Invites his girlfriendMTMxNzcyMjY1NDI2NjIyOTQyHas a mind blowing party
MTMxNzcyMjY1NDI2NjQ0OTYyTries on my clothes
MTMxNzcyMjY1NDI2NjM0NzYyRelaxes in long awaited silence

MTMxNzcyMjY1NDI2NjIxNzE0Work out and runs around the flat
MTMxNzcyMjY1Njk1MDk1NDI3Eats all the food
MTMxNzcyMjY1NDI2Nzc2MDM0Hides things
MTMxNzcyMjY1Njk1MDI5ODkxCunning plan to change old furnitureMTMxNzcyMjY1Njk1MDU4Mzk4MTMxNzcyMjY1Njk1MDgwNDE4