Historical Statues that are abused by tourist


Statues have been created by mankind since the prehistory, for all kinds of reasons and in all sizes. Today, statues have been erected all over the world. Every city of the world has its own importance and uniqueness in terms of statues and sculptures.

Statues that we see in our historical landmarks speak of a story about a significant era. Tourists are excited to see them and the urge to touch them arises. There’s one thing common in these statues, that have been touched in an inappropriate way. I mean I still don’t understand; why should anyone touch these statues?

Here are some pictures of statues and people touching these statues in a very inappropriate way. Hope you enjoy it.

Watch your hand mate..
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h9sa0rlrtt6bemjb1bwjNo need for room service. It’s already clean and shinning.
evvj5xp16fnrovdxie9bEww.. Balls of fury

cn5fpysipjg9gvxn1cmqAt least forgive the Law.



a4ykmctlb5iwu2ceb4ltGrandma loves one and all..


5ml7vd2h7jkf57fzgg3bYep, I still don’t understand, why we need to touch that part of the body.