Spectacular Restaurants around the World


Restaurants are a tourist attraction where each one has it own unique feature, some may have greatest chief in the world or unique dish.

Here are a few restaurants that have stand out from other such restaurants. They are focused on giving a different experience not just to the tourist but to the locals also. Some might call them weird but as Leo Burnett said “A good ad which is not run never produces sales.”, well these restaurants speak for themselves.

Les Refuge de Fondues, Paris, France.55ea3d0da13edA restaurant situated in the culinary capitals of the world, serves only fondue, while serving wine in baby bottles! Strange!

Heart Attack Grill, Las Vegas, USA.55ea3d8f7948dA restaurant with a theme of hospital, having waitresses dressed in nurses’ attire, and dishes named as “1/2 pound coronary hot dog” and “Quadruple bypass burger”. And the vegan menu only consists of cigarettes.

The Redwoods Treehouse Restaurant, Auckland, NZ.
55ea3f69c571bThis restaurant has more of magical and fairytale impact on its visitors. It is opened in forestry area of New Zealand with awesome treetop settings.

Disaster Cafe, Lloret de Mar, Spain.55ea3e6a9004bA restaurant giving special effects of earthquake every night of magnitude over 7.8, to its visitors just for entertainment! Amazing!

Barbie Restaurant, Taiwan 55ea3effeaad5Everything within this restaurant is completely made up of barbie theme stuff. Even the waitresses are dressed as barbie, and the chairs covers are flurry.

Chillout Ice Lounge, Dubai.55ea3bc293942A restaurant completely made of ice, where they serve you in ice plates, on ice tables, while sitting on an ice chair.

Devil’s Island Prison Restaurant, China.
55ea422a7e8d5A restaurant to give you the feeling as if you are in prison, with people serving you food behind the bars in black and white striped dresses. You may also get handcuffed if you wish so

O’Noir, Toronto, Canada.55ea449433f8fHave your dinner in complete pitch dark, with awakening all your senses, especially your taste!

Dinner In The Sky, All Over The Place.
55ea417917aa0This restaurant gives you the feeling as if you are dining in the sky, 150 meters above the ground, suspended by the crane!

Fortezza, Medicea, Volterra, Italy.55ea3c71c77f8It was an Italian fortress which was converted into prison in 2006. Inmates now work there running a restaurant successfully!

Twin Stars Diner, Moscow, Russia.55ea4502c20e4Bartenders, chefs and waitresses! All here are made up of sets of identical twins! Isn’t it completely strange and awesome too!

Cabbages and Condoms, Bangkok, Thailand.
55ea43e0eaac6They make you sure that eating here won’t make girls pregnant! Experience a condom-themed decoration with waiters wearing condom shaped hats, and serving condoms in place of after dinner mints.

The Elementary School Tavern, Tokyo, Japan.
55ea43723fcecThe restaurant with a theme of a sweet wee school. They dine you as well as gives you the lessons to learn.

Magic Restroom Cafe, LA, USA.55ea40010b1f8You are served in this restaurant in toilet dishes while sitting on toilet seats! Completely bizarre!