With a touch Food turned into Gold


King Midas and the Golden Touch, every one knows this childrens story of how a king was granted a wish of touch. Everything he touched turned to gold food, water, chair, bed and even his own  daughter.

Now a days people love eating food made of gold. Its so popular that there is even a cup of golden tea. That is you need to have pocket filled with money, you can order your usual cup of joe with an expensive twist?. You do not need to be a food connoisseur to appreciate what’s on this list, all you need is a wallet filled with cash…

  • A cup of coffee: $25c700x420Should you want to join the elite club, even just for a day, this cup of steaming cappuccino topped with gold flakes
  • A Strip of Bacon: $40goldchocolatebacon-_t4k823-karat, gold-dusted strip of bacon covered in rich, dark chocolate, you could enjoy this unusual treat at Baconery, New York.
  • A gold box of chocolates: $100f9fda766-f521-4a4a-bbdd-cdc1f91e69e3Ladurée, joined forces with luxury label Marni to create macaroons fused with fashion. The macaroons are made from high-end ingredients and are topped off with edible gold sheets.
  • The Devilish Hamburger: $6660712_doucheburger_630x420The patty, made of Kobe beef covered in gold leaf, Gruyere cheese, a special BBQ sauce, Himalayan rock salt, caviar, foie gras, lobster and truffles. Asking for ketchup or pickles, is a major faux pas.
  • Bagel: $1,000Westin-Hotel-BagelBreakfast favorite features Alba white truffle cream cheese, goji-berry Riesling jelly and speckled gold leafs. To get their hands on this bagel, customers must place an order 24-hours in advance.
  • A Chocolate Bar: $1,600wispaCadbury’s Wispa chocolate bar – a favorite in England – was discontinued in 2003, until chocolate lovers begged Cadbury to bring it back. The ordinary chocolate bar was wrapped in gold-paper.
  • Sushi: $1,800sushiChef Angelito Araneta Jr. did not spare any expenses when creating this dish, which includes: wild saffron rice, Norwegian pink salmon, foie gras and crab. The sushi, wrapped in gold paper is also adorned with pearls and diamonds.
  • Yellow Gold Tea Buds: $3,000 per 100gteaTea buds are available in an array of flavors, but these buds, created by Singapore company TWG, have been painted in 24-karat gold.
  • Pizza: $4,2006ce86f55d41d2e045457a1c0ae0a531fThe ‘Pizza Royale 007’ is the most expensive and consists of toppings like champagne-soaked caviar, smoked salmon, lobster marinated in Cognac and 24-karat gold flakes.