A surgeon by profession – Artist by heart – Hemant Bhansali


A Laparoscopic Surgeon at Kohinoor hospital, Mumbai – India Dr. Hemant Bhansali specializes in painting foods across India. One seldom ask him “Why just food?” and he is prompt to reply how often have you seen a painting that has the power to stimulate all the five senses.

His paintings are awesome and moves you to different parts of the country. He himself is a brilliant cook. Enjoy this magnificent oil on canvas art.

This is how one still cooks in rural India.

edibleoils-7Masala Dosa. Famous South India meal.

edibleoils-1Vada Pav OR Batata Vada is a famous Mumbai snack.

edibleoils-5Delicious Paani Puri or Gol Gappa. Another mouth refreshing snack.

edibleoils-2Idli and Mendu Vada. Famous in Southern India.

edibleoils-4Half Fry or the Sunny side up breakfast.

edibleoils-3Fish Fry, goes well with your evening drinks.

edibleoils-12Corn barbecue. Famous during monsoon in India.

edibleoils-10Samosa – Evening Snacks

edibleoils-11Mixed Bhajjiya with Tea.

edibleoils-9English Breakfast

edibleoils-6French Fries and Burgers.

edibleoils-8Thali. Unlimited Lunch plate with various combinations.

edibleoils-16Gulab Jamun. Mouth watering sweet dish.

edibleoils-17Dahi Bade. Another Sweet Dish.

edibleoils-18Chicken Tandoori or Barbecue Chicken. Most famous dish in North India.

edibleoils-22Fish Fry.

edibleoils-20Puri Bhaji another tasty and quick meal.

edibleoils-19Samosa, evening snack.


edibleoils-15South Indian Plate, with mixture of Rice, Roti, Gravy & Fish.