‘Real or Fake’ Realistic Dolls by Artist Michael Zajkov


Pretty much every other doll on the market can’t hold a candle to Russian Artist Michael Zajkov’s incredibly realistic dolls. His dolls look so real that they are actually creepy enough to make your skin crawl.

Question that everyone’s wants to know  ‘how does he make each doll literally look like a real person?’ Zajkov relies on polymer clay to make the majority of his multiple joint dolls, he then hand paints the eyes, which are made of glass from Germany, before adding French mohair for hair, but in the end it all boils down to a great deal of talent.

The end results are enough to blow you away, and possibly even give you nightmares.925728_675822942558742_1301525619_n1596780_741755892622413_2146201738_n1170417_1702421096643118_341922753_n10246148_452317764961264_868995881_n12338449_1666794073606183_2104419402_n12353366_1650902738523697_195602798_n12362632_924055601013385_465356297_n12357921_1847884765438042_1581290627_n980x