Illusions that will make you look twice


Optical illusions takes place when our perception of visual information differs from reality, when the brain can’t make logical sense of the information being transmitted from the eyes.

These works of art all utilize optical illusions to overwhelm our eyes and force us to question our understanding of reality. They are fun and entertaining at the same time. The artists who set them up cleverly used perception to create images that will make you scratch your head in confusion and then smile in delight when you figure them out. See if you can figure out how each one of these illusions works.

Abbey Road: Peanuts Edition0f214fa6-cf4f-4376-82d5-fd48e1e21b96_tabletGraffiti
5b0b4de5-7177-4385-bad7-d6edb21b55cf_tabletMultidimensional Sketching6b776740-c76e-4f8c-951f-86e1c471f427_tablet“The Sun Sets Sail”72432e49-94a5-43ea-81b5-51b79d616131_tabletThese Blocks are Real15f7fa48-aaa8-4d37-b147-53aede324eba_tabletSimple Perspective7dfb1a1e-7aa5-46da-a17c-78613bdcd7c2_tabletEverything is Awesome71a024b8-2931-4a00-a095-14fdf6ce4c69_tabletTrick Eye Museumb32d5935-2334-4c13-94d3-40ba108f845e_tablet“The Architect” 92928686-094c-4394-877c-99b9a906c864_tabletAwesome Murala78d423c-ac36-4f9b-ab49-f2ae0b79de89_tabletDo You See It?c16248b0-6e8a-4b6c-a09e-6734e6aa57fd_tabletAbyssalc577c2d7-1a33-4a3b-ab53-8107d89b9c02_tabletGéométrie de L’mpossiblee9643236-43f7-4fe7-8a70-6b15f565cbaf_tabletHey, can I borrow that pen?dbb048de-83d8-4142-9b68-107f6baecb5f_tablet