Couples Do Weird Little Things Together


When you’ve been in a relationship for a long time, you get seriously comfortable. And that’s not bad, it’s adorable and funny – but do you know what comfortable brings?. Weirdness, weirdness is comfortable’s number one guy, and although sometimes you keep the weirdness under wraps, it often escapes into the public eye and enables you to freak out your friends and family all at the same time.

Here are 19 things you might do, if you’ve been with your better half for quite a while.

Use your pet names for each other more than your actual names.Romantic-pet-namesIt started out as a cute name in your phone, and now you barely remember the last time you called them by their real name.

Tickling each other, pretty much every day.howtospiceupyourrelationshipwithyourpartner-playticklegameswithyourpartnerThere’s nothing better than a good tickle fight, and it’s the perfect way to alienate your friends.

Laughing at each other’s farts.funny-love-couples-fartsNot having to hold your farts in anymore.

Singing together.article-2250144-16925EE6000005DC-417_634x467In various situations… To the dog, in the car, in the bread aisle. Damn it, just start your own band already!

Dancing together.UntitledThe kitchen is a good one for this; blast out some Barry White and get your groove on.

Trying to have a conversation whilst brushing your teeth.Couple brushing teeth in bathroomIt’s never going to happen without extensive sign language and facial movements.

Taking weird selfies, or making weird videos.9It’s okay to draw eyes on your chin and make upside-down mouth videos.