The SAD truth about our World by Gunduz Aghayev


Illustrations by artist Gunduz Agayev condemns those who want to make children part of their dirty play. Children are innocent and we have to give our all for their future. We have to try not to repeat our previous sins. Let’s make the world as perfect as children, for children.

Here are some iconic photos which are altered by Gunduz Aghayev. He drew the little victims of tragedies in a way he would have liked to see them.

Vietnam War’s “Napalm Girl”


Kevin Carter’s Pulitzer Prize-winning photo (1993) magine-illustration-by-Gunduz-Aghayev1__880magine-illustration-by-Gunduz-Aghayev__880

Children in Vietnam magine-illustration-by-Gunduz-Aghayev4__880magine-illustration-by-Gunduz-Aghayev3__880

Death of Aylan Kurdi (Syria) magine-illustration-by-Gunduz-Aghayev5__880magine-illustration-by-Gunduz-Aghayev6__880

A Japanese boy standing at attention after having brought his dead younger brother to a cremation pyre, 1945magine-illustration-by-Gunduz-Aghayev9__880

Killed Azerbaijani journalist Elmar Huseynov’s son magine-illustration-by-Gunduz-Aghayev11__880magine-illustration-by-Gunduz-Aghayev12__880

Child brides Tehani (in pink) and Ghada in Afghanistan magine-illustration-by-Gunduz-Aghayev14__880magine-illustration-by-Gunduz-Aghayev13__880


Rendered homeless by German bombs during the Blitz, a London boy points out his bedroom to friends in 1940 magine-illustration-by-Gunduz-Aghayev16__880magine-illustration-by-Gunduz-Aghayev15__880

Doctor Janusz Korczak with childrenmagine-illustration-by-Gunduz-Aghayev17__880