Weirdest Hotels on the Planet


Traveling to a completely new destination and exploring the people and landscape is always exiting. Of course, the accommodations you choose have a tremendous impact on your adventure. Staying in a hut somewhere out in the middle of the Serengeti will give your vacation a much different flavor than staying at a 5-star luxury resort. The whole point of taking a journey so that you can experience different culture and stay in different accommodations and learn new and interesting stuff over there. Here are few weirdest (and coolest) hotels on the planet.

Zand Sandcastle Hotels, Netherlands16

At first glance you may think, “Oh, how charming, they made this hotel to look exactly like a sand castle.” But you’d be wrong. It actually is made from sand. In fact, the Zand hotels are the world’s first hotels to be constructed out of sand. These temporary hotels were inspired by the temporary ice hotels of Sweden and Finland.

Natura Vive Skylodge Adventure Suites, Sacred Valley, Cuzco Peru21

For some of us, adventure means throwing caution  the wind and taking an aspirin with a tall glass of tap water in Mexico. Other travelers are true adrenaline junkies who need a fix even while they’re sleeping. If you require adventure even during REM, head to Peru where you can sleep in a clear capsule suspended off the side of a cliff. If you’re a sleepwalker, it may not be the best idea.


Solent Forts (No Man’s Fort and Spitbank Sea Fort), England31

These forts were built way back in 1867 to repel the French navy and are located off the south coast of England. Today, travelers can stay in one and enjoy peace and quiet along with plunge pools, saunas and wine-tasting rooms.


Panda Hotel, Emeishan, Chinapanda-hotel

Who doesn’t LOVE pandas? Answer: no one. Everyone loves panda bears and if you don’t something is seriously wrong with you because they are incredibly cute. If you happen to REALLY love them then you’d most likely be happy staying at the Panda Hotel in China where everything, and we mean EVERYTHING is panda-themed.


Attrap’Reves Bubble Hotel, Francedsc02727-238-evn

If you like the idea of staying in transparent accommodations but don’t like the idea of being suspended off the side of a cliff in Peru, then head to France where you can stay in transparent bubbles out in the middle of the forest. Hotel guests will be treated to spectacular night skies. And the other cool thing is these bubbles are made from recycled materials.


Faralda Crane Hotel, Amsterdam, Netherlands61

This is perhaps the wackiest hotel on this list and, in a way, you could say it was made completely out of recycled materials, namely, a crane. Located in a former shipyard on the edge of a river, guests are able to stay in one of the three luxury hotel suites that have been built in the crane’s old machine room. Have a fear of heights? Well then, staying 164 feet in the air may not be ideal for you.