Amazing 3D Graffiti Artworks which floats in mid-air by Sergio Odeith


Sergio Odeith a street artist who resides in Portuguese, creates anamorphic 3D graffiti art which from a certain angle looks like it’s floating in mid-air. Odeith’s work has been showcased at the Museum of Public Art (Louisiana), Brazilian Museum for Sculpture (São Paulo) and Meeting of Styles (Alemanha), to name a few. Odeith has also created large scale murals for enterprises such as Coca-Cola, Samsung, London Shell and Kingsmill.

Here a re some of his best graffiti artwork which you might have a hard time believing your eyes.3d-graffiti-street-art-anamorphic-odeith-13d-graffiti-street-art-anamorphic-odeith-33d-graffiti-street-art-anamorphic-odeith-63d-graffiti-street-art-anamorphic-odeith-23d-graffiti-street-art-anamorphic-odeith-53d-graffiti-street-art-anamorphic-odeith-93d-graffiti-street-art-anamorphic-odeith-83d-graffiti-street-art-anamorphic-odeith-7