Technology that will change your life.


As time passes by technology also evolves where we first use to get information from paper and gossip now its in the palm of our hands. Television has now become obsolete and virtual reality is now the thing of the present.

We all once read in books how people use to camps or make food in the past with bare minimum machinery. But now a days people can hardly survive without technology, almost everyone has become addicted to solve their daily task with as easy as possible.

Here are a few inventions that will change your life if you did not know about them already.

This portable ice machine to keep you chillThis portable ice machine to keep you chill

This hot tub that you can set up anywhere, any timeenhanced-26465-1455665250-26

This slow cooker for dump dinners on the gogrid-cell-29521-1456075003-19

This portable wood burning stove that can heat a whole tent pioneer-stylegrid-cell-31664-1455749126-10

This inflatable, covered bathtub that is about to take your Netflix binge to the next level


This foot-powered washing machine that requires zero electricitygrid-cell-20820-1455749191-14

This fold-able bunk bed that’s a much safer distance from the groundenhanced-6815-1455666275-10


This insanely masculine portable coffee maker grid-cell-19880-1455749314-22grid-cell-19880-1455749317-27