Quack Doctors Of All Times


Some people think that the truth can be hidden with a little cover-up and decoration. But as time goes by, what is true is revealed, and what is fake fades away.

Everyone wants to visit a doctor who can empathize and understand their needs as a whole person. A good doctor is the one who has incredible knowledge in their field.This builds as a sense of trust and faith towards them.

But imagine one fine day you read the front page of your newspaper and realize that the doctor you been visiting regularly is a hoax or an impostor. Relax!!! we said just IMAGINE.

Presenting the list of the most infamous impostors in medical field.



#The phony doctor who advertised himself as working with families and victims of 9/11



Donald R. Lee-Edwards treated patients, prescribed antidepressants and interpreted lab tests and results, but his medical career flatlined in August 2015 when he was arrested and indicted on a slew of felony charges for not having the credentials to work as a doctor and clinical psychiatrist.

Lee-Edwards was charged with criminal sale and possession of a controlled substance, scheme to defraud, identity theft, unauthorized practice, unauthorized use of a professional title, criminal impersonation and criminal diversion of prescription medications and prescriptions. (Source)


#The fake doctor who smoked cigars during surgery


A phony San Francisco plastic surgeon who smoked cigars during procedures and once flushed six pounds of a patient’s liposuction fat down the toilet was sentenced to 20 years behind bars in January 2016 for serial medical malpractice and sexually assaulting his clients.

Guzmangarza used a licensed physician assistant’s name to operate the facility, where he performed liposuction, face-lifts, breast augmentations and skin treatments.


#The “doctor” who learned to how to perform surgical procedures from YouTube

Rick Van Thiel

Rick Van Thiel ran an illegal medical facility out of a Las Vegas trailer and said he did it because he loves people and wants to help them.

He claims he’s been studying medicine for nearly 30 years, but doesn’t have an actual degree. He is instead self-taught and claims he’s learned a bulk of what he knows on YouTube. “You don’t watch one (video), you watch like 20 or 25 like I do,” Van Thiel said. “Pretty close to anything you want to learn you can learn off YouTube for free.”

Van Thiel now faces nearly 30 felony counts for practicing medicine without a license. He’s also been accused of performing abortions inside the same trailer.


#The famed master of deception whose impersonations of white collar professionals were the basis for a hit movie


Today, he’s an employed by the FBI as an expert on forgery and document theft, but in the 1960s, Frank Abignale, Jr. impersonated various white collar professionals including a pilot, a doctor, and a lawyer (well, he eventually did pass the bar).

Steven Spielberg made a film about Abagnale’s life, Catch Me If You Can.
#The teen who posed as a doctor, opened offices and examined an undercover FBI agent


An 18-year-old Florida man, Malachi A. Love-Robinson (aka, Dr. Love), has been arrested for posing as a licensed doctor, the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office said.

The teen performed physical exams and offered medical expertise. He was busted in a sting operation after performing a physical examination on an undercover agent at his New Birth New Life Medical Center (yes, he had medical offices, staff, and a website).


#The “toxic tush doctor” who injected women with super glue, cement and tire sealant


Oneal Ron Morris, 33, is accused of leaving women ill and disfigured after injecting them with a mixture of toxic substances including cement, “Fix a Flat,” mineral oil, and super glue at homes across Florida. In addition to multiple counts of practicing medicine without a license with serious bodily injury, Morris is also facing a manslaughter charge after one of her “patients” died following surgery.


#The man who was arrested for posing as a doctor at a children’s medical center


In May 2015, 23-year-old Dallas resident Terrance King was arrested after for posing as a physician at Children’s Medical Center in Dallas.

When first discovered on the premises, King said he was there to shadow a doctor, but was not able to produce any valid identification. He was then escorted out of the building. He stole an ambulance to flee police and was arrested when he crashed into a BMW.


#The man who prescribed dirt to a cancer patient


In 2015, a 69-year-old “doctor,” Vincent Gammill, was arrested in California for allegedly prescribing bogus cancer treatments and practicing medicine without a license. One of his cancer-fighting drugs was little more than a “baggie of dirt.”

Gammill is out on $10,000 bail and was scheduled to be arraigned in court in August 2015.


#The sexual predator who fooled young women into letting him examine them


In January 2015, 25-year-old Msida, Malta resident Michael Camilo Precht was charged with posing as a doctor and fooling three models into letting him examine them.

A Facebook page called “Stop Michael Precht” has since popped up with additional people reporting that that Precht was a sexual predator who claimed to be a doctor and fooled women into physical exams.

Precht has been jailed for two years and fined €2,329.


#The woman who gave physical exams to truckers

wingate (Copy)

Joann Elizabeth Wingate marketed her services to truckers who needed to have updated physicals so as to maintain their commercial driver’s licenses. They found her after spotting signs she posted at various truck stops in California.

The Cumberland County, Pennsylvania resident, was arrested in 2014 on felony forgery, fraud, and identity theft charges. She also faced minor drug charges after cops found marijuana and narcotics paraphernalia in her home during a raid.