WTF Vehicles which made it to Guinness Records


The Guinness book is a very elitist organization. There’s nothing scientific about what they do. They just have an office full of people who decide what is a record and what isn’t.

Presenting the unusually insane Vehicles  and their creator’s who made it to the GUINESS BOOK OF WORLD RECORDS



Not a Toy car.


From the lowest – to the smallest. In 2012, Austin Coulson created a car that can travel on ordinary roads, even though it looks more like a toy. Dimensions: 63.5 cm in height, width 65.41 cm and 126.47 cm in length. Do not tell me that did not want to be on this ride!


The Badger


Developed by Howe and Howe Technologies for US special forces police. The “Badger” do not have a weapon and placed it in only one person, but due to the compact size it can be used inside buildings – a small armored car even able to call the elevator.


Super Market Vehicle

Matt McCone

Matt McCone built a perfect vehicle for shopping – cart with a modified engine starter on the US helicopter Boeing CH-47 Chinook. There is a wish to ride on the shopping center at a speed 113 km / h?


Hop on the Log

Cedar Rocket

Canadian Brian Reid was dispersed on a log up to 76 km / h. Cedar Rocket, namely the so-called his creation Reed, is constructed from a single piece of 240-year-old giant arborvitae with suspension from the Mazda RX-7. As the power plant is used 35-horsepower electric motor. Brian says that 76 kilometers per hour for this log is not the limit: in theory, it can accelerate to 225 kilometers per hour.


Office on the Go

Ed China

Another creation Ed China – the ideal solution for those who want to do everything.High-grade office with a desk, comfortable chairs, a computer and a water dispenser that is not static and can be dispersed to 140 kilometers per hour.


Mirai the worlds smallest car


Mirai – not to be confused with a hydrogen sedan Toyota – established teachers and students of Okayama Sanyo High School in November 2010. To date, this is the lowest car in the world, is allowed to travel on public roads. Height – only 45.2 centimeters.


Fastest Lawnmower 


Pierce Ward of the British magazine Top Gear Honda lawnmower dispersed to 187 km / h on the IDIADA test site in Spanish Tarragona.

To achieve such a result, it conjured over the guys from Team Dynamics, Honda partner in the championship of Great Britain on the highway-circular races (BTCC).They have developed a new lightweight chassis of stainless steel and a custom suspension, installed 109 hp engine from the sportbike Honda VTR Firestorm and the wheels of the ATV.


Come overboard on this giant Skateboard

skateboard length of 11.14

It is hard to imagine why you might need a skateboard length of 11.14 meters and a height of 1.10 meters. But look, you see, effectively.


Monstrous Tricyle 

three-ton monster

Highly I sit, look away. Perhaps it thought Indian names by Sudhakar, when designed the three-ton monster as tall as a four-storey house. But the tricycle and can sit and ride.


Bathroom Motorcycle

tub, sink and laundry basket

Unusual vehicle that Ed built broadcaster China – it is nothing like a motorcycle with a sidecar, stuffing is hidden behind the tub, sink and laundry basket. It can accelerate to 68 km / h. We have only one question: why?