Midas touch on old table lamps by Imgur user Downstwobanes


Creativity requires courage, courage to think out of box, courage to think different and believing in yourself. The most famous art forms have been developed from scratch. The reason they are appreciated is because of the imagination and creativity they hold which is uncommon to the normal human eye.

Imgur user Downstwobanes creativity is an example of such creative thinking.

Downtwobane transformed an old monochrome table lamp and avengers play set action figures gifted by his sisters on his birthday into an exquisite table lamp. The total cost to prepare didn’t go up more than 15$ but the outcome was so creative.


                                          Frozen Lamp 

diy-superhero-action-figures-lamp-2 (Copy)


*Frozendiy-superhero-action-figures-lamp-10 (Copy)


*Frozendiy-superhero-action-figures-lamp-9 (Copy)


                                   The Avengers & Super humans. 



*The Avengers diy-superhero-action-figures-lamp-4


*The Avengersdiy-superhero-action-figures-lamp-11 (Copy)


*The Avengers diy-superhero-action-figures-lamp-8 (Copy)


*The Avengersdiy-superhero-action-figures-lamp-3 (Copy)


*The Avengersdiy-superhero-action-figures-lamp-1 (Copy)


*The Avengersdiy-superhero-action-figures-lamp-13 (Copy)